June 5, 2023

Poor yard drainage is a common problem in the Ann Arbor area. Many homeowners have learned to live with soggy spots in the yard, but like any underlying issue, in time those annoyances can become a costly problem. If you have pools of standing water, soggy areas in the yard, or worse, foundation damage and water entering your home, you need to address this with landscaping and drainage contractors who are familiar with your area and the soil makeup to remedy the problem for good.

large puddle of water in grass next to asphalt driveway

What Causes Poor Property Drainage?

Finding the primary cause of drainage problems is the first step a quality drainage contractor will take to solve your property drainage issues. Usually there is more than one factor at play. High clay content in the soil is a major factor in this area. Sometimes drainage issues are caused by a poorly graded yard with no designated area for run-off. Sometimes drainage problems develop or worsen over time due to erosion or areas of new construction. With the right drainage contractor, the causes of poor drainage can be identified.

What are the Risks of Poor Property Drainage?

Poor drainage is more than just an annoyance. There are real risks to ignoring poor property drainage, and they can range from the poor aesthetics of an unhealthy lawn to the expense of repairing the foundation of your home. Poor drainage can cause health hazards due to the growth of mold and mildew in soggy areas. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects as well. All of these issues can be costly to you and your family.

What Do Drainage Contractors Suggest for Drainage Solutions?

Rather than only remediating the damage that standing water and a soggy yard causes, most drainage contractors will work with you to find an advanced drainage solution to avoid the issue of soggy areas and standing water from the start. Depending on the property and the reason for the drainage problems, there are several solutions to consider.

  • French Drains

A French drain is a trench with a drainage pipe that runs a few feet from the house and goes below the frost line so the water that flows through will not freeze and crack the pipe. French drains are one of the most popular solutions suggested by drainage contractors. The pipe will be fitted with small holes and positioned to run in a slight downward slope, encouraging the water to flow away from the yard and the foundation of the house. The pipe will usually sit on a thin bed of gravel, and the trench itself will be filled with gravel to allow the water to flow more easily. The gravel can be worked into the landscaping, or the drain and gravel can be topped with sod to keep the lawn consistent.

  • Dry Creek Beds

Dry creek beds are paths of rocks or gravel that are designed to look like a natural creek. After a spring thaw or heavy rainfall, water will flow from areas that are prone to standing water to areas better suited for drainage.

  • Regrading the Property

In severe cases where the poor drainage is putting your foundation at risk, you may need to look at regrading your property. A drainage contractor will look at your property and determine if regrading is necessary to encourage water to flow away from the foundation of your home.

Ignoring poor property drainage is never the right solution. Most often, it’s more than just a puddle and an eyesore. If you want to protect the look of your property, health of your family, and safety of your home, it’s time to find the root cause and the right solution to your drainage issues. Finding a drainage contractor is the first step to a dry property and a healthy home. We can help. If you’re experiencing drainage issues, contact Twin Oaks Landscape right away.