The landscape of a property needs constant maintenance to maintain its beautiful appearance. If you are neglecting to perform basic yard maintenance, then bad things can occur. You may find that grass has a significant amount of weeds and brown areas. If you are seeing signs of problems in different places of your lawn, then rejuvenation may be necessary. This a job for a Canton MI landscaping company.


Lack of Water

A yard will need to be regularly watered to maintain its green appearance. If homeowners do not water their yard during the summer, then brown patches and dead grass is common. A lack of moisture is the main reason grass starts to turn brown. The result of a lack of water is an increase in weeds. Your lawn needs to have moist soil for the roots of the grass to get nutrients. Homeowners who only wait for rain and might not water their yard regularly may require rejuvenating their landscape.


A yard that has a disease problem often means areas of the lawn are brown and dead. This is when you will need to determine the best course of action. Hiring a local Canton MI rejuvenation service will be a good solution as a variety of recommendations are often available. The best way to treat a yard that is diseased is by applying fungicide. There are two important things to know about fungicide.

* A professional yard service company can apply fungicide to a lawn.

* Applying fungicide will need to be done before any other rejuvenating process.


The presence of insects in a lawn can mimic the look of a diseased yard. You may have large areas or a small area where insects have damaged your lawn. This is typically an issue during summer as this will be the time they start to reproduce. Insects will often feed on the crown or roots of the grass. If you see that areas of your lawn are dead, then insects may have already moved on. The only recourse is to have any problem areas of your yard repaired.


Homeowners who frequently fertilize their yard may apply too much and damage the grass. This is the result of fertilizer burn and could potentially kill the grass. If you notice that your grass is brown when you have recently applied fertilizer, then fertilizer burn may have occurred. A local lawn care company knows the proper steps to rejuvenate any problem areas.

Soil Compaction

A yard that has been in place for a long time or has a lot of activity can develop problems that are often caused by soil compaction. This occurs when soil settles and becomes hard. The roots will be unable to grow and absorb water or nutrients. Another aspect of compacted soil is a decrease in oxygen. The best way to address this problem is to aerate the yard. You can do this yourself or hire a lawn care service to do the job correctly.

If you have any questions about rejuvenating your yard, then contact a Canton MI landscaping company for more information.

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