Most homes in Canton MI have a structure to stand on. How long a home is able to stand depends on the condition of its supporting structure. A sound structure is not determined only by the materials it is built with. It is also determined by the firmness of the soil it is built on. A home not having any structural issues is a tale-tell sign that it has a sound supporting structure. Unfortunately, the tale-tell signs a home that has a distressed supporting structure is not always obvious. This is mainly because a homeowner does not know what to look for. This article will point out to homeowners the signs of a distressed supporting structure.

Signs Of Supporting Structural Issues:
There are many signs that indicate there are issues with the supporting structure of a home. Some of these signs are easy to spot. Some of them require homeowners to be a little observant. Knowing what to look for allow homeowners to intervene early so the issues will not become worse. These signs are:
• Cracks in a brick or stucco exterior wall
• Cracks in the wall of the supporting structure
• The jamming of doors and windows
• The loosening of caulking
• The curling of wallpaper
• And, nails loosening from the wall
Having repairs done soon after these signs are spotted will save homeowners thousands of dollars. If there are no signs of damage to the supporting structure, then there are things homeowners can do to prevent it from occurring.

Ways to Prevent Supporting Structural Issues:
Preventing damage to the supporting structure is simple. It requires homeowners to be proactive when it comes to keeping out moisture. Speaking of moisture, it is necessary to point out that there is a huge misconception about the wear-and-tear of homes. This misconception is that it occurs only in old homes. New homes built on soft soil are also prone to foundation issues. To prevent those issues, homeowners should:
• Clean gutters as often as possible
• Make sure that gutter drain pipes are directed away from the home
• If having a home built, make sure the soil is solid
• If the soil is not solid, have dirt added to it
Taking measures to prevent damage to the supporting structure is much cheaper than repairing it. Repair cost can average between $5,000 to $7,000, depending on the type of supporting structure and size of the house.

Every homeowner in Canton MI should know the signs of a distressed supporting structure. For one, it will allow them to save money. Secondly, it will give them a good piece of mind. Homeowners that notice these signs are more likely to be proactive and either take solve the issues themselves or hire well-qualified professionals to do it for them. Repairing supporting structural issues is good for either maintaining a home’s value or increasing a home’s value. Investing the money to make sure that a home will be built on solid soil helps that home once it is constructed maintain its value.