September 21, 2014

Lawn Irrigation SystemMany homeowners want to improve the look of their yard to enhance curb appeal. A beautiful yard is a source of pride for homeowners, so it makes sense that you want to have a lush, green yard. However, weeds are commonplace in yards, and they can quickly become problematic. They can grow and spread quickly, and they can prevent your grass from thriving. Treating the yard for weeds right away is important, and some homeowners may even pull the weeds manually by hand as soon as they notice them. This important step can prevent weeds from spreading, and there are a few things you can do to spot weeds more quickly.

Water Your Lawn
It can be difficult to spot weeds immediately after you mow the lawn. The green hue of weeds may blend in well with your grass, and you may have to carefully inspect the lawn to determine which plants are grass and which are weeds. Weeds generally will grow at a faster rate than your grass, so when the weeds have ample water and sunlight, they may crop up higher than the rest of the lawn. You can water your lawn immediately after mowing, and you may begin to spot some of the weeds within a day or two.

Allow Your Lawn to Grow Taller
When you allow your lawn to grow taller, the weeds often will become more obvious and apparent to you. Some weeds may grow several inches or more per day, and they may soon reach the height of a foot or more above the height of the grass. Even weeds that are smaller in height may begin to flower, or their foliage mspring backgrounday be obviously different than the blades of grass. For example, the grass may have long, slender blades, but some weeds may have wider or broader leaves. In some cases, the weeds may have a shorter height than the grass. When the lawn is permitted to grow, the differences in the weeds versus the grass will become very obvious to you.

When You Spot Weeds
While you may want to allow your weeds to grow to a certain height, you do not want to allow them to spread. When the flowers on weeds bloom or when dandelion clocks spread across the lawn, you may have a more significant problem with weeds to contend with. As soon as you identify a weed in your lawn, you should take steps to treat it. In some cases, you may simply need to spend a few minutes per day pulling weeds from the property. In other cases, you may opt to treat the lawn with a weed killer or specially formulated fertilizer that is designed to kill weeds.

There are few things that can impact the look of your yard as negatively as weeds. Weeds themselves can be an eyesore, and they can also make your grass grow less fully or lushly in the yard. Follow these tips to identify and remove weeds as soon as possible.