March 19, 2014

Prevent soil erosionPreventing soil erosion at your home or on a commercial property is a delicate balance between understanding the landscape and trying not to alter it too much. There are plenty of landscape maintenance techniques that can be used to prevent soil erosion, but they all have different purposes. Following each of the steps below could help to prevent soil erosion on any property. Simply consider what the needs are for the area where landscape maintenance must take place and take action with any of the steps below.

1. Proper Grading of the Lawn

Often, soil erosion from torrential rains can cause water to run into a house at such an angle that it will flood the basement or cause the basement to be extremely humid. In most cases, proper grading will keep erosion from happening while also sending the water away from the house.  If there is significant grade changes on the property, it may be beneficial to include a retaining wall or plant material that will decrease the erosion of the soil.

2. Ensure Even Absorption Of Water

A lawn that is not well maintained, may have problems with uneven absorption of water from rain. The rainwater that is being absorbed well in one part of the yard may not be so well absorbed elsewhere. This will cause that part of the yard to erode slowly. Over time, this could cause an unevenness in the yard that could lead to water flowing straight into the home or onto a neighboring property. Performing landscape maintenance such as aerating soil or leveling the yard can help with water absorption problems.

3. Fertilizing and Composting

Soil that is left fallow over long periods of time will begin to erode if it is not fertilized or filled with compost. Composting and fertilizing will help to bolster the soil while also allowing grass to grow. However, if a lawn is left for too long without any maintenance it will begin to slowly erode. Healthy grass or ground cover will stabilize the soil and reduce the likelihood of soil erosion.

Combining landscape maintenance techniques with general know-how concerning soil erosion can prevent any yard from eroding. Not only can fields meant for crops be kept in pristine condition with landscaping techniques intended to shore up the land, but homes and structures can be saved from flooding by creative landscaping.

Soil erosion takes its toll on farms and homes all over the world, but it can be stopped when the soil is properly cared for, the landscaping is done properly and the property owners understand when they need to make changes. Stopping erosion is an ongoing process that must be meant with intelligence and a proactive spirit.