When you have trees on your property, you have a responsibility to take care of them. Pruning, raking leaves, and basic maintenance of your trees is necessary to keeping your property looking beautiful. When your trees show signs of needing to be removed, you need to have them taken care of quickly before they fall on your home or cause other issues on your land. Here are 3 common reasons for needing tree removal services.

Cutting A Tree

Rotting trunk

A rotting trunk is a reason to have a tree removed. You will notice a trunk is rotting when you see any of the following signs:

  • hollow sound when knocking on the trunk
  • fungus growth
  • bark peeling away from the base of your tree

Over time, a rotting trunk can cause your tree roots to become weak, which can cause your tree to fall. Your tree at this point is unlikely to be salvaged, and needs to be removed before the entire tree dies, or it falls down due to poor root structure.

Poor placement

A tree that is otherwise healthy may still pose a danger to your home. If your tree is close to your house and is on the prevailing side of common winds, then you risk having your tree hit your house during a massive storm. If the wind constantly blows your tree in the direction of your home, tree removal is necessary to protect your house against damage from branches or the entire tree falling down. Winds in Ann Arbor MI can be unpredictable, so it may be wise to have a landscaping or tree expert inspect your trees to see if any of them pose a danger to your home.

Shallow roots

Finally, a tree with shallow roots may need to be removed from your property, since it is likely to fall over at some point. Shallow roots are typically exposed above the ground in the case of shallow roots. Over time, you may notice that your tree is not getting enough nutrients due to root damage, such as foliage dying at the top of your tree or many ‘sucker’ branches growing closer to the trunk. Sucker branch production is a sign your tree is attempting to revive itself after being damaged or losing root structure. Many Ann Arbor MI residents will experience tree removal due to poor or shallow root structure in their old and new trees.

When you need a tree removed, an expert landscaper with experience in trees can remove it for you safely. They can also remove the stump so your landscape can stay beautiful and lush. If you notice your trees dying or having other issues with foliage, or even if your trees are growing in an area where they can fall om your home, removal is your best option. Don’t hesitate to have your offending trees removed or wait for them to repair themselves. Removing your trees is the best way to protect your home and landscape.

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