If you do not know what aerating a lawn is, it is essentially puncturing the lawn with a ton of small holes, which allow water, nutrients, and air to seep down into the lawn. This allows the root system of the lawn to get easy access to everything that they need to thrive and is drastically important when it comes to maintaining a healthy and beautiful looking lawn. With that being said, a lot of home owners are confused when it comes to how often they should aerate their lawn. When it comes to lawn aeration, there are a handful of things that are going to determine whether your lawn needs to be aerated more or less frequently, but there is no question that it should be done periodically, regardless of whether it is not getting any heavy use.
Lawn aeration
Aerate Lawn in the Spring
*Without a doubt, the most important time of the year to conduct aeration is in the spring time, when the grass is coming out of the colder months and is ready to start rapidly growing again.

*The reason that this time of year is so important is because the process and entire point of lawn aeration is to get the essential things to the plants roots that are needed for growth. The fact that your lawn is starting to ramp up for rapid growth in early spring means that aerating your lawn during this portion of the year is ideal.

Aerate Lawn During Fall
*Although it is important to aerate your lawn before summer hits, when the grass is starting to grow again after remaining dormant for the bulk of the winter months, it is also a great idea to aerate the lawn in the fall. This will give the lawn a great deal of nutrients and will help it to retain its health, which is very important before the lawn gets hit with cold weather.

Heavy Use
*If you are constantly using your lawn, with things such as kids running around constantly, or a ton of activity on the lawn, you can bet that the grass and the roots that support it are getting taxed.

*If this is happening all throughout the summer, you may want to consider aerating the lawn during this time, although you should really consider talking to a professional in the area before you decide to aerate your lawn during the summer.

Contact a Landscaping Company
* Each and every home and thus, each and every lawn is different, so it is a good idea to get a professional opinion before you aerate your lawn, although you should still make it a point to always aerate your lawn during the Spring, each and every year.

*Finding a great local landscaping company and letting them conduct your lawns aeration is a very good idea, but make sure you find a highly rated company that you can trust. If you live in Ann Arbor MI, you will want to do some research and find an Ann Arbor MI based landscaping company that has a great reputation and consult with them.

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