December 5, 2016

a bull dog rolling in the grassThe winter months typically mean that homeowners in Ann Arbor Michigan can take a much-needed break from mowing their lawns. After all, during the warmer months of the year, you may find yourself mowing and edging your yard on a weekly basis. During the colder months of the year, most grass types fall into a state of dormancy, and they will have minimal or no growth. More than that, in the local area, they often will be covered with inches or even feet of snow at times. This means that mowing may be both unnecessary and even impossible at times.

When to Avoid Mowing
During the dead of winter when snow and ice are on the ground, you should definitely avoid mowing. You should also avoid mowing when your ground is wet from rain, regardless of the temperature. Mowing wet grass can damage your mower, and it also can damage your grass blades. If you choose to mow during the colder weather season, choose a time when there is no moisture on the ground. It can be difficult to find a time when the grass is completely dry and the temperature is above freezing in the winter months in Ann Arbor Michigan, and because of this, most choose not to mow.

If You Do Mow
Some homeowners love to keep a tidy yard, and there often is some grass growth in the winter. This most often occurs during the transitional months at the beginning and end of winter when some days may still be warmer and sunny and may encourage vegetation growth. If you decide to mow in the winter months, consider using professional winter services from a landscaper. The landscaper has the knowledge and expertise to time the mowing service at the most ideal time for optimal health of your yard.

Other Cold Weather Services to Consider
Mowing is just one of many steps that you can and should take to care for your yard. During the cooler months of the year in Ann Arbor Michigan, there are other winter services available that can promote the health of your grass, shrubs and other features. For example, applying a coat of winter fertilizer and weed control is a great step to take to prepare for the pending spring season. Some landscaping companies may rake leaves in the fall to prevent unnecessary debris from affecting grass growth. Some also offer snow removal services, which can protect your yard and promote personal safety for you and your loved ones.

It is easy to overlook the care of your yard during the winter months when freezing temperatures are common, but there are some steps that you can and should take to promote the health of your lawn and other vegetation. Mowing is not always necessary during these months, but it often can be done under the right conditions. Whether you are interested in mowing services or other winter services, your best option is to contact your landscaper for assistance with yard care during the colder months of the year.