Although many people associate the work of landscapers with the creation of spectacular grounds outside office and commercial buildings, these professionals will also help beautify residential areas, as well. Landscaping companies frequently work with architects to create interesting neighborhood plans. They also assist homeowners in dramatically enhancing the curbside appeal of residential property, as well as helping maintain gardens, pathways and lawns in optimal condition.

Large Backyard

Numerous Benefit from Landscaping

Many homeowners wonder when they should call upon a landscaping service to provide assistance in designing and maintaining their grounds? Although individual circumstances vary widely, in Ann Arbor MI a landscaper may offer valuable assistance with many different types of issues, including:

  • Developing a patio addition;
  • Landscaping to reduce water usage;
  • Installing a barbecue pit area or outdoor kiln;
  • Designing a jogging track, volleyball court or pathway;
  • Decorating a residential outdoor event location attractively, such as a wedding site;
  • Maintaining a lawn in healthy condition by fertilizing, mowing and watering;
  • Suggesting landscaping improvements to assist in managing melting snow runoff effectively;
  • Adding raised bed gardens;
  • Installing a backyard pond;
  • Tending and pruning shrubs, trees, hedges and bushes on a regular basis;
  • Helping install fire retarding landscaping around the house;
  • Recommending flowers, trees and other plantings;
  • Designing, installing and maintaining outdoor lighting in proper condition;
  • Installing and maintaining sprinkler systems;
  • Helping design, install and maintain fencing;
  • Addressing problem areas of a yard, such as an eroded hillside or low-lying area.

Sometimes landscapers specialize in particular niches, such as helping property owners reduce their lawn care maintenance needs. Ann Arbor MI usually enjoys a fairly heavy snowfall during winter months, and landscaping firms in this area may enhance safety by helping to maintain clear, snow-free sidewalks, driveways and porches, for instance

The wide variety of useful services providing by Ann Arbor MI landscaping firms remains impressive. These companies assist homeowners in implementing improvements that beautify property and add resale value. Their efforts contribute to greater enjoyment of residential property.

Landscaping Product Sales

In addition to offering a wide array of helpful services, many landscaping firms routinely market high quality products to their customers. For instance, a service which periodically helps a property manager maintain the grounds of a residential development may also offer lawn care products, such as fertilizer, mulch and river rock for sale.

Some landscapers even furnish plantings to their clients; a company might sell an array of beautiful annual or perennial flowers and shrubs to enhance the appearance of the yard, for instance. This assistance proves especially valuable for property owners who do not have the time or inclination to garden regularly.

The needs of property owners for landscaping services sometimes vary widely. Numerous households benefit from sustained, regular assistance in maintaining beautiful lawns and garden around their homes throughout the year.