A landscape contractor, simply put, is someone who implements the plans of a landscape architect or landscape designer.

It is not as simple as that, landscape contractors must have experience in many areas of landscaping. Here is a short list of areas of:

How Landscapers and Contractors Can Transform Your Ann Arbor MI home:

Sprinklers. They know how to install them and how to get the effective cover of the entire area. They know which heads to use certain types of plants and flowers and which are good to use for your lawn and design them color matching them with your house color.

Lawn. Are you going to lay sod or hydro seed? Your landscape contractor can explain the difference along with the benefits of each.

Horticulture. Horticulture is the art of growing, planting, and caring for plants. They understand the strengths and weaknesses of flowers, shrubs, trees and other plants that can survive in your area.

Rocks. There are many various uses for rocks. They can be utilized as decoration, walls, waterfalls, ground cover and much more. Your chosen landscape contractor is experienced in the different parts of rock work.

Fencing. There are various kinds of fencing that can be applied in landscaping, and a landscaper understands your requirements and the uses of the various fence materials to help you determine if vinyl or brick would satisfy your needs better.

Concrete. There may be instances in your landscape design that call for concrete and if concrete is not properly set it can shorten the life of the concrete by cracking and falling apart. An experienced landscape contractor knows how to work with concrete in the right way.

The landscaping contractor you choose will be entrusted with your area to turn it from something bland into a work of art that you can be proud of. If a professional landscaper does not do the work, the finished product will not come close to the vision you have in your mind and possibly even on paper.

Another important quality the landscapers offer is the ability to communicate. You may decide that you wish to make a change from the plans and without a communication barrier, your idea will be implemented the way you explained it. This communication barrier is not always from understanding different languages. The contractor is also able to restate what you are saying to make sure it is clear that you both understand. If possible, either you or the landscaper should draw a picture of what you are meaning. The picture may not be a work of art its self, but you would be surprised how much it can help.
For your Ann Arbor MI home contracting the services of a reliable landscaper like us is more of a necessity than a luxury, we ensure your landscaping aspirations and preferences are well taken care of with utmost professionalism.

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