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Digital landscape design offers the residents of Ann Arbor MI the opportunity to visualize the exterior of a property over the course of years. This type of software program allows a homeowner to full appreciate the way a landscape will appear at different points in the future. It provides a great tool for brainstorming different outdoor projects.

Most professional landscaping companies today utilize computerized tools extensively, offering their customers a realistic idea of what to expect down the road. Evaluating the appearance of a new backyard patio addition or a planting project using a digital program and a computer can bring peace of mind to clients: they can appreciate how beautiful the final result will look.

The Best Types of Landscaping Software Programs

As software programs in general grow increasingly high tech and animated, the standard programs used in digital landscape design have developed rapidly. Generally, professional landscaping firms employ the most sophisticated types of programs. These applications usually include the following basic features:

  • The ability to visualize a customer’s home or office exterior;
  • Information about plants suitable for specific growing zones;
  • Plant encyclopedias detailing information about trees and shrubs;
  • Photographs of particular plants and trees during different seasons of the year;
  • A time lapse function, enabling visualization of the property at designated future intervals;
  • Some programs contain three dimensional functions allow viewers to stroll through a project from a ground level or see it from an aerial point of view.

Additionally, a professional program typically offers the landscaping company a cost estimate feature, so that the landscaper can let a client know in advance approximately how much each upgrade to a property’s exterior costs. This information generally prove very helpful to clients.

Some of the Advantages of Using Landscaping Software

What are some advantages of using landscaping software in Ann Arbor MI? Consider just a few of the benefits associated with seeking the services of a professional landscaping firm which employs these high tech tools routinely:

  • Very specific visualization of a property exterior at future times;
  • The ability to “see” how the property will look in every season of the year, a useful feature in selecting plants and trees;
  • Prevention of inappropriate tree plantings which might create problems when the trees mature;
  • Allows the best possible site selection for plantings and other improvements;
  • Enables a landscaper (and client) to see potential runoff and drainage issues based on the conformation of the terrain;
  • Offers detailed information to keep a project within budget;
  • Lets property owners make important substitutions or changes to a landscaping plan before work begins;
  • Provides comprehensive landscaping documentation;
  • Useful later when a property owner installs underground sprinkler systems.

For all these reasons, professional landscaping firms increasingly rely upon highly specialized software programs. Computerization assists project planning significantly.

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