June 26, 2015

It can be difficult to visualize a landscaping choice. Perhaps you have a vision, but your spouse just doesn’t see it and has a difficult time committing to the change. On the other hand, you may feel overwhelmed and not know what potential your front lawn holds. A landscaping architect can also reveal an innovative idea and gauge your reaction. You might find that you really love an aspect of the architect’s idea and that you would like to embellish on it further. In this case the digital design served as a virtual launching pad for your ideas. Digital landscape design is a wonderful tool for making landscaping decisions in Ann Arbor MI.

Rounded firepit with patio

Rounded firepit with patio

Technology and Creativity
Technology and creativity can go hand and hand. This is because technology can allow us to try new ideas and assess the bigger picture faster than before. It can allow you to immediately see if something works. If one idea does not work, you can try the next. The process is seamless and open a wide range of possibilities.

Your Home In the Picture
A picture of your front lawn, backyard, garden or property can be uploaded. Ideas can be digitally tested before breaking any ground. This saves you time and expense and allows you to consider exciting options that you may have otherwise not have dared to try.

Before digital landscaping design, landscapers were counting on homeowners to visualize a result in their heads. This is a skill that some people, such as designers, can do with a fair amount of ease. However, this is just not the manner in which many people think.

Now the experts can use the picture of your property and layer real pictures of the landscaping features that you would like to add. The images are shown to scale to give the home owner the best idea of what the innovative landscaping design would look like.

You can see your landscaping features that are

  • true to life
  • utilize real photos
  • with dimensions that are adjusted to be comparable to size of your landscape

Greater Confidence Through Visualization
Digital design has been used as a tool in the creative community for years. Designers and architects needed a manner in which to convey their ideas so that clients could visualize them and commit to the design process. Homeowners can feel confident about the choices that are revealed through digital landscaping design.

Visualization builds

  • confidence
  • allows you to commit to bolder choices
  • enables you to explore choices you would not have otherwise

Homeowners can embrace landscaping changes with confidence when aware of their home’s potential.

Your home can have a greater curb appeal than you ever imagined, because the digital landscape design allowed you to commit to bold choices. Your home will truly live up to its’ unique vision. Trust the experts to reveal the possibilities that are abundant for your Ann Arbor MI home.

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