Do you ever drive through the neighborhood just to look at the other lawns and curb appeal that the other homes have? There are some lawns that look well-manicured, and it looks like no one ever walks on them. Then there are those lawns where you would like to donate your lawnmower to them for a weekend. However, what is about those lawns that look as professional as a golf course? Chances are these lawns look healthy because they are healthy. They might spring for feeds and fertilizers, but the best way to get your lawn and garden areas looking amazing is by using an irrigation system. If you thought irrigation systems were only for those who live in the richest parts of town, think again.


Irrigation Systems Can Save Money

Irrigation systems are becoming the norm for those who want lush gardens and foliage around their homes. It saves them a great deal of time and effort when it comes to watering, we must also not forget the benefits. There are many rewards to working with an irrigation company in Ann Arbor MI. One of the first is that an irrigation system will save you money on your water bill. Rather than using the hose and spraying aimlessly hoping to hit the plants where they need it, an irrigation system is directed to get right to the plants and give them the amount of water they need, nothing more. Oftentimes, when people are watering their plants alone, they either overwater or underwater. A system made just for watering knows exactly the right amount to give the plants.

Familiarize Yourself With The Different Systems

There are two kinds of systems, high pressure and low pressure. A low pressure drip irrigation system helps you to keep the leaves dry. Dry leaves repel disease and bugs. This is also a very economically friendly way to ensure the roots have their water needs met. The average water pressure coming out of a water faucet is 50-75 psi. A drip irrigation system has a lower pressure of around 10-15 psi thanks to the assistance of a pressure reducer. This is a drastic reduction that ensures the plants are not being drowned. There is such a thing as feeding a plant too much, they can develop root rot.

Michigan’s Weather Can Be Brutal

In Ann Arbor MI the weather has many seasonal changes. Not everyone knows which plants will work here and which ones won’t. Not only can an irrigation system help install the lifesaving source for the plants, but they can also advice on growing a garden in this state. A plant that is made to thrive in this zone will do much better than an ill placed one. Knowledge is power when it comes to the garden world. Working with an irrigation company is a great way to ensure that your lawn has that golf course appearance to it. Everyone wants great curb appeal, and having an irrigation system is one way that you can ensure your plants get their needs met and look amazing.

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