• Gardeners in Ann Arbor Michigan can do their own landscaping on their properties, all they need is time, energy, extensive knowledge of gardening, and be willing to spend most of their time, digging, planting, mulching, fertilizing, spraying pests, endless weeding, watering, and all the other chores required to keep Ann Arbor plant beds attractive.
• Go to the lake for a few days, and come back home, to find a riot of weeds have taken over the flower beds crowding out the flowers.
• There is no time for doing anything, other than gardening.
• Taking care of the summer landscape is hot and sweaty work.
• There is an alternative.

That is where your professional landscape company comes in. Their experts will work with you.
1. They will work with you to design plant beds in Ann Arbor Michigan.
2. They will help you make your ideas for planting your property a reality
3. They know which plants to use, and just how to plant them for the best possible results.
The landscape company will do all the hard work.
1. They can lay out and construct new flower beds, or replant existing beds
2. They can obtain plants, the best flowers are available to professionals.
3. They can put in the plants, correctly, so they will flourish.
4. They can take care of maintaining the flower beds, weeding, mulching, spraying, etc.
5. They can do the watering, the correct amounts at the right time.
6. They can do anything necessary, to keep your flower beds and landscape plantings growing beautifully.
7. They can take care of cleaning up the flower beds at the end of the season.
8. They can do other landscaping chores, as necessary.

• The garden chores are all accomplished for you, all you need to do, is enjoy the flowers, and the landscape.
• You will have time for all your other non gardening activities, and the property will look lovely.
• No worries, if you go out of town for a few days, the crew will take care of the plant beds in Ann Arbor.
• Everything will look good when you return.
• You can have the nicest yard on the street, and still enjoy life.

• The landscape company experts will happily take care of your gardening needs.
• No job is too big or too small, we want to do them all.
• We want to make your property a showplace, and a place for you to relax and enjoy the warm weather, and sights and sounds of spring, summer, and fall without being haunted by garden chores.
• At the end of the growing season, we will clean up the garden, leaving it neat and tidy, ready for the next growing season.

• Let us give you back your spring and summer, taking care of the hot and tedious garden chores and yard work, so you can enjoy life this summer, in Ann Arbor, Michigan