February 4, 2014

We have partnered with the Travis Pointe community for the past 10 years.  Here are a few testimonials of recent that they shared with us.  We are quite proud to provide them our services, and have developed a long-term relationship with them.Lawn Mowing

“Twin Oaks has provided outstanding lawn maintenance and snow removal services to the 121 homeowners in the Travis Pointe Condominium Association for about ten years.  The owner, account manager and employees are extremely responsive to our concerns and standout from other contractors by their focus on communications and customer service.  They willingly meet with representatives of our community to resolve any issues that arise.  Twin Oaks thoroughly understands our contract specifications and complies with the requirements in a very professional manner.  Their management and employees are conscientious, polite and friendly and are a pleasure to have work in our community.  Our satisfaction with Twin Oaks is best reflected by our award to them of a new three-year contract for lawn maintenance and snow removal services that begins April 2014.”   Board of Directors, Travis Pointe Condominium Association

“We want to thank you and your Twin Oaks crews for the exceptional job they have done this winter clearing our road, driveways and walkways.  Storm after storm, they have appeared and had things cleared out fairly early in the day which has facilitated residents getting to appointments and other errands.  The work has been consistently done in a thorough and timely manner and everyone I contacted spoke most positively about your excellent service during January and continuing into February.”      Travis Pointe Crescents Condo Assoc. Board Member