March 18, 2014

In case you missed attending the Home and Garden Show at the Saline Fairgrounds this past weekend (not that we can blame them, it was once again…cold), here are some photos of our display.  For those that did attend the show, they had a ball….literally. Our display focused around a basketball court where as people could shoot a mini basketball to enter a raffle to win the basketball hoop.  It was great fun for all, we believe there were more adults than kids participating in the game.

In addition, we built a beautiful cedar arbor to welcome our guests, lined with flagstones and flowers and ferns.  Our waterfall, kitchen and firepit were featured utilizing Fendt products (a local Ann Arbor company on Liberty Rd).   Though, the true feature of the show was simply meeting new people and introducing them to, not only our design and build capabilities, but also were able to discuss our full maintenance lawn service packages.  It was a great time to discuss lawn care…as we are just getting peaks of lawn areas here and there – in between the snow.

Also, we were providing to those interested a free design with installation of a project, as well as free irrigation services with a basic lawn maintenance package.  Winners have been drawn and will be contacted today!  Hope you enjoy the photo display!IMG_1286 IMG_1310 IMG_1290 IMG_1298 IMG_1304IMG_1311