The winter landscapes in Ypsilanti, Michigan are quite lovely. As children, we would play in the drifts, build snowmen and sled down the slippery packs. But responsibilities now dictate that we must navigate our driveway and walkways, regardless of how many inches of glimmering snow and ice have accumulated. Clearing the property yourself can be a cumbersome and expensive task. Snow blowing and shoveling, ice chipping and salting are all grueling work. Not to mention the high cost of maintaining and storing all the equipment.

Benefits Of Hiring A Snow Removal Service

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and not have to worry about shoveling yourself out of the driveway? Or be able to come home in the evening to find that your drive, walkways and entry are free of snow and ice. More and more homeowners in Ypsilanti, Michigan are seeing the benefits of having a professional snow removal service provide safe and timely clearing of their property. Some advantages of hiring a professional are:

1. A professional snow removal company will have the proper equipment necessary to safely remove snow and ice, without causing damage to your decorative surfaces.
2. Gain peace of mind knowing that you can and go about your day without the added stress of having to be burdened with the tiresome chore.
3. Protect yourself from the health risks associated with the excessive exertion you put your body through.
4. No more worrying about the high cost of equipment repairs and wondering where you are going to store it for the warm months.

Things to Consider When Hiring A Professional Snow Removal Service

Typically, Ypsilanti, Michigan sees its first snowfall in November and its last in April. On over half of our winter days, there will be at least 1” of snow on the ground. And during the months of December through March, on average there will be 7”-13” of the delightful white material piled up all around us. With this in mind, there are several things you should keep in mind when contracting a specialist.

• What level of service do you require? Do you want as needed or periodic service, or on-going maintenance throughout the season? If you choose to have continual service, be sure to ask if the contract limits the number of visits. Otherwise, you may end up spending a lot more for any extra trips.

• What conditions call for their attention? Do they provide service when there is just 1” of snow, 2” or 3” of snow? Did you know, that during an extended period of cold, just 2” of snow can produce a thin layer of ice which is quite the safety hazard.

• What type of equipment do they use? Will your surfaces be safeguarded against damage and will they hand shovel and salt your walks and entry to ensure and ice-free area? You should also be aware that once the snow on walkways and entries gets packed down, ice can form and become another safety issue.