There are a lot of high quality, hardscape contractors Ann Arbor. With the large amount of hardscape contractors Ann Arbor, it could be difficult to find the right one. Knowing how to find the right hardscape contractor can be very difficult. Listed below are steps that every person should take when searching for a good hardscape contractor. All of these steps are very simple, and take minimal time to complete. It is important to take these steps so that your investments are not wasted on someone who does not do a job that satisfies you.

1. Do a Google Search
Doing a Google search of a prospective hardscape contractor is a great way to find out important information about them. Doing a Google search works when you’re trying to eliminate contractors with a bad reputation for business. The location and other companies that the contractor is in connection with is normally listed when a Google search is completed. Reviews often come up on Google. Reviews can be a great factor when deciding which companies to go with, but be careful when reading different reviews. There are some instances when a customer writes a bad review, just to write a bad review. If there are a consistent number of reviews that are negative, or positive, these can normally be used for decision making. Googling phone numbers of the company can also tell a lot about that business. If that company is always changing their number this should be a red flag. This could be an indicator that the company is constantly having the change their identity because of bad business. If there are multiple phone numbers to the company, they should all trace back to the same exact company, and in most cases, the same person. Communication about your project should be easy, and not involve jumping through multiple hoops when trying to reach someone with questions or comments.

2. BBB Ratings
The BBB is a great resource for checking out hardscape contractors. The BBB gives inquiring customers information that may not be able to be found on Google. For example, the BBB tells viewers the past names of the companies. The company you are looking at should not have too many different past names because this can mean that they have had to change their company due to bad business in the past. It is important to remember that the BBB reports only date back three years, so they should not be the only resource of your history. Looking up potential hardscape contractors using the BBB ratings should be an additional, not the only, step when looking for a contractor.

3. Check out Jobs That Are in Process
It is important to make sure you are completely comfortable with the hardscape contractors that will be working in your home. Most companies should let you drop by while they are completing other jobs. This will give you the opportunity to see how they work. It is also important to watch for the way in which they work in the house, and clean up after the project is complete. No one wants to have a mess to clean up after the paid for a job well done.