Your home is your castle. Flatter your home by having Hardscape Companies design a creative landscape. The landscape company will provide you with innovative landscape solutions that are sculptural in design and an elegant garden. Beyond your imagination, the design team will work with you to achieve your dream outdoor environment. Their experience, creativity, and skill combined with your imagination will provide the most exquisite design.

Imagine layered scrubs to create a 3 dimensional design, and then add a low stone wall to define the sculptural scrubs. You might want to consider a pathway through the living sculpture that would contribute to the design. For example, there can be rows of flowers that would create a path through the garden. Consider for a moment the joy of an outdoor kitchen as a component of the garden. Such a garden can be created in Chelsea Michigan. Let us consider elements of the garden:

Scrubs, Flowers and Trees

Plantings enhance the appearance of a home. Plants can be selected to create a private environment that you and your family will enjoy, or plants can create beauty that is enjoyed by by-passers. You will want to work with the landscape designer to achieve the desired effect that you hope to achieve. Trees provide so many design elements. You want to select the trees carefully to create shade or just draw the eye into the garden.

Stone Walls

Stones walls are design elements that define areas using height as well as stone textures. You should start with the finest quality as well as the most charming stones. An interesting choice is simple stones piled without mortar, and used primarily to define space. Such a wall would not hold heavy earth, and are primarily decorative. Walls can be made of brick and used to support terraces of small garden hills, and they can serve as retaining walls. Retaining wall need to be strong enough to hold the earth and plants without deteriorating over the years and crumbling.

Pathways and Patios

When you create a pathway and patio, you are painting on a two dimensional surface with stone, cement, and brick. Again, you want to use quality materials so that the pathways and patios will not weather poorly. In climates such as Chelsea Michigan, there is snow and ice in the winter which can cause cracks in poor quality materials.

Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces

Hardscape Companies have the training and experience to design and build outdoor cooking areas. It is a joy to spent time outside during the warmer weather. In Chelsea Michigan, winters are long and cold. It is the greatest pleasure to be outside as much as possible during the spring, summer, and fall. What better way to be outside than to cook and eat outside on your gorgeous patio.


You will need:
• Disease protection for your plants, scrubs, and trees,
• Pruning and trimming as needed,
• Weeding on a regular basis,
• Lawn mowing,
• Leaf removal in the fall
• Snow protection for scrubs,
• Spring clean-up