July 21, 2016

bigstock-Rain-gutter-full-of-autumn-lea-37528768In Ann Arbor MI, your drainage system provides proper distribution of rain and ground water from your home and without it, more water will seep into the walls and foundation to make them less sturdy. It is, therefore, responsible to never neglect your drainage systems. Knowledge of the right time to replace your drainage system is of utmost importance. There are a number of signs to know exactly when it is time to replace, but some of these signs are not so easy to recognize. The signs include;

1. Visible cracks
This is perhaps the most obvious and easiest sign that you require replacement, and should not be underestimated. Weather conditions can easily take a toll on the weakened spots, resulting in larger cracks that eventually start splitting apart to cause the formation of gaps that lead to water spillage. Soon many different spots emerge where water seeps, which leads to a catastrophe since apart from the expenses of replacing your gutter, you will also spend repairing the parts of your house affected.

2. Visible watermarks
If you are experiencing extensive or minimal water damage under your gutters, then you are facing water seepage as a direct result of broken gutters. There should not exist any kind of watermarks around or under your drainage system, and if there are any, your house is slowly being damaged by the water that is seeping into it walls and foundation.

3. Peeling paint
Nothing causes the peeling of paint faster than contact with water, which means if the paint is peeling you have got yourself a leak. Without taking proper measures, you may soon face more than just a leak. Extended exposure to water might cause extensive damages to the foundations and walls of your house.

4. Incorrect installation
People make mistakes, which might have as well happened when your drainage system was initially installed. In the event that you find a leak caused by your drainage system, the first thing you must check on is the condition of the entire system. If you do not find any cracks, visible watermarks, or peeling paint caused by the possibility of water leakage, then you have to consider the possibility that your drainage system was improperly installed. To confirm this theory, immediately make arrangements for a professional to take a look.

5. Delayed maintenance
Over time, debris and leaves might get stuck in your drainage system, which potentially shortens the lifespan of said drainage systems by about 70 percent. Clogged gutters will cause an overflow of water, which in turn results in damages to your house. You should always clean your drainage systems every few months or so, taking such opportunities to inspect for peeling paint and visible cracks.

A well-maintained drainage system means a happier home. As long as you constantly inspect for visible water marks, cracks, and peeling paint and act accordingly, you will have limited the possibility of water damages to your house.

If you are a resident of Ann Arbor MI, be careful and inspect your drainage system on an annual basis to save yourself on future repair costs. The tips mentioned above are essentially a starting point and should be utilized as a guide to assist you in ensuring the optimal performance of your roof and drainage system. Contact your local roof contractor for additional advice.