If your hard is sloping in the front of back, it may have some appeal to it, but the reality is it is hard to do anything with that type of lawn. Any kind of outdoor enhancement, like a pool or children’s play equipment, requires the ground to be completely level. One of the best solutions around for this sloping lawn is a retaining garden wall. Garden walls can help turn an unusable yard into a safe play area. It can help level out spots and enhance the beauty of the outdoors.

Selecting The Right Materials

In Dexter Michigan, there are many materials that are used to build garden walls. The most common is concrete. It is poured through forms and sets up quickly. Some prefer concrete block. While this is not as appealing as other varieties, it certainly is cost efficient. Natural stone is a great option. It adds so much curb appeal to the space. Some will use old railway ties or other variations of wood to create a wall that is secure. One of the more common materials used these days is pre-case concrete stones. They have a lip on the back of them so they can lock with each other. Unlike other stone walls, they don’t require any mortar, so they are easy to put up and create a flawless finish. Bricks are another thing that is great for a retaining wall. This solid wall will resist any pressure from the dirt and the wall will have a great appearance. Whatever you choose for your Michigan home, make sure it is low on maintenance and high on character.

Get Creative

A wall doesn’t have to be straight. In fact, the wall can be curved and it is often easier to build. Some will build several walls in a series to create beds of flowers with stones or mulch. It’s all about taking what you have and making it work. If the landscape isn’t the best in the area, then simply take what you have and make it better. A garden wall is an excellent option to ensure that the landscape has that appeal that the neighbors envy, and it is completely functional for the home.

Hire A Professional

Putting up a wall in Dexter Michigan may seem like an easy task, but when you have no experience it can be a disaster. Hiring a professional landscaper with plenty of experience can only help. They can quickly come in and get the job done. They can be of assistance in what to plant in a tier garden complete with the wall. They will know what materials will work best and what should be avoided. Whether fixing a structural issue of the lawn or trying to enhance the visual appeal of the property makes no difference, a landscaper can help make your home look amazing. Save yourself the time and effort and call in professionals to help get the job done right the first time.