May 2, 2015

In view of the harsh winter this year, most people will be experiencing a serious case of spring fever. We can’t wait to get back to warmer days filled with sun and green lawns, colorful blooms and the trees full of leaves. Here are some trendy ideas we wanted to share with you for the upcoming season for your garden…

1. Super Foods for the Garden. Edible landscaping continues to gain in popularity and we love all the new options that are becoming available. This new compact edible blueberry gives you a boost brain power and provides healthy antioxidants to promote good health.


Reminiscent of a boxwood shrub, Blueberry Glaze is compact in stature and produces small, deep blue berries in mid-summer. These berries have intense flavor, much like wild blueberries. With their show of color, Blueberry Glaze shows off in the spring with numerous small white and pink flowers. It again puts on a color display in the fall, as the deep green leaves change to burgundy.

Add this beauty to your landscape as an accent planting or pot up on the patio in a decorative container.


Blue Petunias2. Simple Elegance. This year’s trend is all about showcasing one beautiful color in the garden. And with Suntory’s new Surfinia Heavenly Blue trailing petunia, gardeners can create the perfect marriage of color, habit and performance. The wavy lavender blue flowers pack serious flower power with continuous booms and superb disease resistance from summer through the first frost. These petunias are the perfect choice for hanging baskets as they can spread and trail several feet from the container.



ornatrap3. Pest Control Can be Pretty. A solution for those who want to control yellow jackets or flies around an outdoor living area but want something that doesn’t look like a trap is the OrnamenTrap™ from RESCUE!®

Eco-friendly and made in the U.S.A, the OrnamenTrap™ comes with either a yellow jacket or fly insert, each lasting two weeks. Both are available nationwide this spring at The Home Depot, Walmart and select garden centers. The traps are relatively inexpensive and provide stylish, bug-free protection all season.

For more than 30 years, RESCUE!®has led the industry in creating consumer insect control with scent-based attractants – namely, pheromones and feeding lures. The new OrnamenTrap™ combines their successful attractants with unmatched style. These traps look more like custom lighting fixtures than bug traps.

trapstik_for_fliesSay Goodbye to Wasps and Flies! The new TrapStik® for Wasps and TrapStik® for Biting Flies use VisiLure™ technology, another innovative technology from RESCUE!® that attract insects with colors, shapes and other visual stimuli.

“TrapStik® lures wasps or flies to a sticky surface using a 3-D pattern and color combination they can’t resist,” explains Rod Schneidmiller, president and founder of Sterling International, the manufacturer of RESCUE!® products. Once lured to the visually-based traps, wasps or flies remain trapped on its sticky adhesive allowing for safe disposal of the insects.

The TrapStik® is available for wasps or biting flies and both are available nationwide at The Home Depot, Walmart and select garden centers this spring. Wave goodbye to those pesky wasps and flies with this trap.