April 22, 2015

Companies who offer tree services and lawn care in Ann Arbor MI can help homeowners with standing water problems. StanAfter The Heavy Rainding water is a major problem for homeowners because of how it affects your landscape. It can kill your grass, plants and ruin your lawn. Drainage problems also cause health hazards. The excess water attracts mosquitoes and other pests. Here are five ways to prevent standing water in your yard.


Dig a Trench

Digging a trench is one of the ways to prevent excess water in low areas. The trench should start at the center of the low area that needs draining and end at where you want to drain the water. You want to make sure your pipes are going downhill. A simple line level can make this happen by attaching it to a string over the top of the trench.

The pipe is laid inside after you finish digging the trench. This approach allows you to drain the excess water to another area. It only works when you have somewhere to drain the water. If you do not have anywhere to drain the water, then you should install a French drain system.

French Drain System

A French drain system is a good option when you have standing water and nowhere to drain it. It takes the water away from the low area and allow it to penetrate slowly into the ground where the soil is not as compacted. This system allows you to send the water in any direction.

Improve Clay Soil

Many lawn drainage problems are caused by clay soil. Clay is denser than loamy or sandy soil, which means it takes longer for water to filter through it. You can prevent standing water by improving the clay soil.

One of the ways to improve the soil is to create a berm. A berm can change the direction of the water flow. It is mounds of dirt that can be used for different reasons. These uses may include:

  • Creating Privacy
  • Redirecting Drainage
  • Adding Elements to a Garden
  • Emphasizing a Particular Area

Create a Rain Garden

Creating a rain garden is another solution for lawn drainage problems. Rain gardens collect stormwater and rainfall runoff. You can also put flowers in your garden. This water is used in the garden on the plants and animals. They look very appealing to the outside and support habitats for butterflies and birds as well.

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are a good option for drainage problems. They are attached to a downspout, which catches rainwater to prevent it from running into your lawn. The collected water can be used to water your lawn during dry weather.

When buying a home, it helps to know the area. Some areas in Ann Arbor MI are known for flooding. If you are already living in your home, then it is time to consult with a tree services and lawn care company. You want to take the necessary steps to prevent standing water from forming in your yard.

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