August 18, 2015

There are many systems in your home that you probably rely on every day without giving them much thought. Like your water heater, you likely assume that your sump pump will be there to save the day when necessary. Unfortunately, the truth is the sump pump in your Ann Arbor MI basement may be getting ready to fail when you need it most.

More than 60% of homes in America have water damage or basement water problems. Your sump pump works tirelessly day and night to pump out water that seeps in once it reaches a certain level. Most homeowners don’t realize their sump pump isn’t working until water starts to back up oReplacing The Old Sump Pump In A Basementut of the sump pit, at which point you may be dealing with thousands of dollars in property damage.

Don’t let yourself fall into the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. It’s important to regularly check your sump pump to make sure it’s working like it should and keep an eye out for the following warning signs that sump pump replacement is in the near future.

1. The sump pump cycles on and off frequently
If your sump pump is frequently cycling on and on, even during a heavy rain, it’s a sign that something is wrong. The problem may be simple, such as a float switch that isn’t adjusted properly and causing the pump to turn on when there’s just an inch or two of water. While this may not seem like a big problem, it does cause your sump pump motor to burn out too quickly. Once the motor burns out, sump pump replacement is the only option. The problem may also be a sump pit that’s just too small for the water volume it receives.

2. Your sump pump has a long run time
When your sump pump turns on, take the time to listen for awhile. If it runs for a long time, or several minutes, it may mean that your sump pump is under-powered for the water volume or the distance it needs to pump water away.

3. Your sump pump makes loud noises
During normal operation, all you should hear is a quiet hum or a slight thumping noise when the sump pump turns off. If you hear loud motor noises, the device likely has a burnt bearing and getting ready to fail completely. You may even hear a grinding noise or rattling, which means that the impeller is jammed or damaged. If a burnt bearing is the problem, sump pump replacement is the only solution.

4. You have a pedestal-style pump
This is a very outdated style of sump pump that’s still seen in some basements in Ann Arbor MI. If your pump sits above the water in the sump pit on a tall pipe, you may have already noticed it’s very loud, prone to getting knocked over, and not built very well. This type of pump should be replaced with a newer, more efficient model.

5. Your sump pump doesn’t turn on when it should
If your sump pump isn’t turning on, you may have a stuck float switch. Switches that hang along the side of the pump are prone to getting stuck, while vertical floats with flimsy plastic brackets often break. If freeing the switch doesn’t work, it’s time to replace your sump pump.