July 25, 2016

TherTree of knowledge growing out of booke are a wide variety of diseases that can hinder proper development of a tree. Some of them can even kill the trees within a short time. When a disease strikes a tree, most people become confused and helpless. As a result, some of them count massive losses which can be prevented with certain measures. In this post, we are going to show you how you can prevent diseases from affecting your trees.

Cut Off Infected Trees.

Getting rid of one tree to save many is not a bad idea. Remove trees that are already dying. Since no tree is immune to deadly ailments, it’s wise to prevent the spread lest you count huge losses. When cutting, remove the tree from the roots and dispose it away from the healthy ones. The best way to do dispose the tree is to burn it. You can also invite a tree care specialist in Ann Arbor MI to help you remove the tree safely.

Spray the Trees with Fungicides

Some deadly tree diseases are caused by fungi. For instance, the Dutch elm disease and the oak wilt disease are caused by deadly fungi that can render the trees lifeless in a week. Spraying all the trees with fungicides can help prevent existence and rate of spreading of fungi.

Use Insecticides Regularly

We have over about 70 insects capable of causing 27 diseases that can cause damage or mortality to hundreds of tree species. This means that spraying the tree with fungicides is not enough. Spray the trees with insecticides regularly to kill the insects and their eggs. It’s important to spray every part because most of these insects hide in different sections of the tree. For instance, some of them live in areas around the bark where they eat the sapwood, as they find their way to the top of the tree and develop.

Isolate Infected Trees

Isolating is an alternative technique that is highly effective. You can isolate the tree by digging a trench that is four-feet deep around infected trees. By doing this, you are dismantling the root system so that they don’t connect with healthy ones. This way, you can prevent cases of new infections.

Consider Genetically Modified Trees

The world of science has come up with highly effective techniques to prevent tree diseases in infested areas surrounding Ann Arbor MI. Today, you can buy trees that are modified to resist most diseases. If you move into a new location that has pre-exsisting trees, you may want to sacrifice some trees and plant new ones that are more resistant to infection.

Trees have several benefits, and the best way we can enjoy them is to keep the trees as healthy as possible through proper tree care. Even though nature has its unique way of controlling things, let’s not sit there and watch our trees die while we can do something. Furthermore, scientists have done a lot of researches that can help us understand the intricate ways through which tree diseases spread. Meanwhile, the tree care techniques discussed above can make a significant impact in helping you prevent your tree from diseases.