July 13, 2016

Softscapes are a lively addition to any garden, with anything from decorative moss and shrubs to a great, green lawn. As a landscaping company in Ann Arbor MI, we’re excited to help design and install a softscape that suits your backyard or outdoor office area. Just how can you keep your Pruning Fruit Tree - Cutting Branches At Springplants thriving and happy? With these five simple tips, you’ll have no problem maintaining your vibrant landscape with plenty of beautiful plants.

Trimming and pruning

When it comes to your trees, it’s important to pay attention. From diseased branches to wonky shapes, pruning your tree throughout the year is helpful. In fact, it’s vital to preserve the health of your trees. Diseased and damaged branches should be removed right away, or else the problem could get worse. Additionally, regular trimming at certain times of the year can help to keep your tree looking good. Indeed, pruning and trimming can take a lot of work, but it’s important not to overlook this step when it comes to maintaining your backyard and garden.

Get rid of those pests!

You can make the most valiant effort in creating a beautiful garden, but that won’t prevent pests from visiting your trees and bothering your

A Japanese beetle shows the damage he can do to plants.

A Japanese beetle shows the damage he can do to plants.

shrubs. From pesticides to composting, there are a variety of methods to prevent and reduce pests in your garden. A more environmentally approach is ideal and includes processes like introducing helpful insects like ladybugs to reduce the population of more harmful insects, or attempting to reduce the habitat of harmful insects. You can keep your garden intact and vibrant by regularly removing weeds and preventing pests.


Fertilizing is an important step to let your garden thrive. Which fertilizers you use depend specifically on the plants you choose to install in your garden. Each one has different requirements and we’ll help you know exactly what each plant needs. When it comes to your lawn, for example, a slow-release fertilizer with plenty of nitrogen allows you to grow healthy, green grass. Using the proper fertilizer is vital to ensuring a well-maintained garden.


Interplanting is a popular technique that involves planting more than one type of crop right next to each other in the same space. It’s useful in agriculture, especially since it helps with reducing pests. It also has the added benefit of making a more interesting, varied garden! Use interplanting for a healthy, vibrant, well-maintained landscape.

Control your plants

After - New Plantings

Keep your landscape’s design intact and prevent persistent plants from spreading by controlling them before it gets out of hand. It’s easy! Just put your plant in a pot before installing it in the ground. Plants like gooseneck and many kinds of bamboo are notorious for taking over gardens when given free reign. With this method, you can still have all of your favorite plants without the hassle of an overgrown garden.

With these easy tips, you’ll have no trouble maintaining your lush landscape. We’ll help you design and implement a stunning display of mosses, trees, vines and more. All you have to do is let your garden thrive and enjoy your new softscape with our help in Ann Arbor MI.