January 19, 2015

The basement in most homes is Water Damaged Basementfound either partially underground or entirely underground. This is why basements are notoriously prone to flooding and other water-related problems. As a homeowner, one of the most devastating things you could deal with is a flood in your house. It is costly to fix and can destroy most things in its path. Knowing the five main reasons why you might have water in your basement can assist you in correcting the situation in order to prevent more problems in the future.

The Top Five Reasons Your Basement Might Be Flooding
There are five key reasons why your home’s basement may be experiencing minor or even major flooding problems. Understand what can cause a flood to occur in the basement is the best way to either fix the situation or avoid it altogether.



1. Cracked Foundation
The foundation of the home is responsible for being the building block to which your home has beenCracked Foundation built. It is also responsible for keeping water outside of the house and getting it off of the ground. If your home’s foundation is older and has cracked, this could allow water to seep into the basement any time there is either a flood or heavy rainfall in the area. Newer homes can also deal with cracked foundation problems because of the fact that the home has to settle into its frame, and this can sometimes cause problems with the foundation.

2. Leaking or Burst Plumbing Pipe
In most cases, your home’s main plumbing will be found either in the basement or crawlspace of the house. This makes it a perfect opportunity for the basement to be the brunt of disaster if a leak or burst should occur. Burst plumbing pipes are sometimes easy to see because you will see an obvious gushing of water coming from a pipe. Unfortunately, the burst could also be happening underneath the foundation of the home where the plumbing has been run.

3. Failed Sump Pump
The sump pump in homes that are within flooding zones need to be working at all times. The sumpReplacing The Old Sump Pump In A Basement pump is responsible for whisking water out of the basement or crawlspace if a flood should be happening in the immediate area. If the sump pump fails, this can cause a flood to happen and overcome your home’s basement.

4. Sewage Backup
A flood caused by sewage backup is probably one of the most devastating to have to deal with as a homeowner. It’s pretty obvious if the flood is caused by a sewage backup because of the smell. If your septic tank is full and the leech field is also full, this could then backup right back into the house. You will need professional experts to get this particular flood cleaned up.

5. Poor Land Grading
When your home is built on your property, it needs to be done so that any water can drain away from the home. If the lot was poorly graded, this can cause any flood or rainwater to drain right towards your home, and this can cause it to go into the basement.

It’s simple to see what could be the cause of a flood in your basement. If you detect a flood, it’s vital that you have it cleaned by experts quickly. If the flood has been caused by poor lot grading, it might also be beneficial for landscapers to grade your lot so that drainage doesn’t go towards the home any longer. This can all make for a more efficient-running house.