July 6, 2015

A wonderful part of living in the American Midwest is the peaceful sight of well-tended lawns on a summer day. Ann Arbor MI residents take great pride in their lush, green lawns which seem to appear effortlessly in the spring; however, a beautiful lawn requires attention. Weeds, lawn diseases and damage from insects ruin your home’s curb appeal. Poor drainage and compacted soil reduce its real estate value. If a blight occurs in your lawn, having it re-graded gives you back your sense of calm.

There are five main reasons for regrading your lawn:Brick And Stone Suburban Ranch Style Home

1. To remove excessive thatch. Thatch is a layer of live and decaying roots, shoots and stems that can build up between your lovely Ann Arbor MI turf and the soil it needs to thrive. Thatch buildup retains moisture and heat so grass roots dry up quickly in hot weather and don’t get enough oxygen in rainy weather. Fungus and harmful insects can dwell in the thatch, which also protects them from fungicides and insecticides, making them tough to destroy.

2. To replace a field of weeds with lovely, verdant grass. A lawn of even height and color does not include weeds. Some weeds that might threaten to take over your lawn are: the yellow blossoms of birdsfoot trefoil, persistent crabgrass and the ubiquitous dandelion.

3. To correct poor drainage and protect your belongings. Poor drainage not only causes annoying puddles that drown your lawn, but if your yard slopes toward your house, it can cause a wet basement, which could mean your summer vacation money gets shunted into repair work and replacement of valuable goods.

4. To repair lawn disease damage. Lawn diseases such as brown patch, fairy rings and summer patch create dead spots and fungus, while rust and red thread change the colors of the blades of grass. Lawn diseases make your lawn unsightly when they go untreated, and a damaged lawn decreases the value of your Ann Arbor MI real estate.

5. To undo insect damage. Insects that live on and chew grass blades include chinch bugs, green bugs and leaf hoppers. Other insects, such as lawn ants and army worms live in and destroy the crown of your lawn, where the grass stems enter the soil. Ground pearls, lawn grubs and mole crickets live in your soil and cause damage that looks a lot like lawn disease.

Lawn re-grading perfects your soil’s composition, levels your lawn to resolve moisture collection issues, removes thatch buildup and corrects your weed, insect or lawn disease problems. It loosens and aerates compacted soil that forms patches and trails. Trails are for hikers, not your front lawn!
Re-grading restores your lawn to the beautiful, relaxing space it is meant to be. A healthy vibrant lawn increases your home’s real estate value, cools the air, and cushions a fall for playing children. It makes your guests feel welcome and relaxed. After lawn re-grading your summer living is more gracious. Your new curb appeal will make your neighbors sigh enviously.House With Black Shutters

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