April 23, 2016

It can be hard to imagine any type of change to your yard. Pictures can present a fantastic view of how creative hardscapes look on other properties, but what about your own? Here are some of the latest ideas on giving your yard the curb appeal that you have always wanted.

1. Mix and Match Pavers and Roofing

A new roof is a large investment and one that is never about when it comes to aesthetic appeal. If you are considering a new roof, stop and think of how the driveway can be incorporated into the finished picture. A two-toned brown roof will look splendid when offset with a matching brick ????????????inlay leading to the garage.

2. Turn a Patio into a Garden Retreat

No matter how many flowers you plant around the perimeter of your patio, it can still feel as though you are lacking something. Add depth to this scene with a 2-foot stacked stone wall that curves around the patio. The flat plainness will disappear and a more aesthetic distinction will appear. Use potted plants and ceramic waterfalls to add bliss.

3. Inviting Entrances

A new front door can add a much needed facelift to your home, but why not exaggerate the look with hardscape that dazzles your visitors? Expand that thin sidewalk to contain a side front door patio. In Ann Arbor MI, the changing seasons can also give you the opportunity to place different flower or holiday decorations along the new space. Use slate, brick or cobblestone, depending on your home’s style. Add a couple of rattan chairs and everyone will feel welcome.

4. Turn a Grill into an Outdoor Kitchen Area

Outkitchendoor kitchens are all the craze, but who has several thousand dollars tucked away for the project? Get a jump-start on this idea by building walls around the sides of your grill. Use stacked stone and a stainless steel counter top where there is room for prep work. Before you know it, your walls will grow to include a refrigerator and maybe even a sink.

5. Pretty Foundations

Foundation blocks do not have to ruin the look of your house. Ann Arbor MI can collect dust and mud around a home. Select a perfect hardscape design and place it over your foundation walls. Next, step back and see the difference. You may decide to expand the look to include walks, short retaining walls or creative lighting.

Spring is the perfect time to set your yard plans into action. There are many forms of hardscapes that can be used with any outdoor DYI project. Decide on what improvements would give your home and property an enlightening change and put your plans on paper. Visit sites and stores that offer a wide selection of hardscapes and select the perfect style. Not only can the change increase the value of your home, but also give you a sense of pride in inviting friends over, a zeal to keep up with outdoor maintenance, and to feel great about where you live.