Landscaping can turn an ordinary home into a showplace with just a little work, although finding the right landscaping ideas can sometimes be difficult. Here are five great ideas that will create a showplace that your neighbors in Ann Arbor MI will envy.

Japanese Garden

  1. For those of us who are tired of trimming the hedge, or weed eating around our flower gardens, river rock makes a unique maintenance free replacement for mulch. For those who feel creative, arranging oddly shaped rock into lovely patterns is quick and easy, while planting a few of your favorite plants along the way will add beauty to your landscape. As a bonus river rock does not harbor insects like mulch sometimes may as it ages.
  2. An inexpensive addition to your landscape is a brick or stone walkway. At times, these materials can be inexpensive or even free. Simply placing a call to any demolition contractor or even a general contractor can sometimes result in free material. Just pick it up and create your personalized pattern and in as little as an afternoon. Your creation will add beauty to your home. Those left over brick placed around your flower garden also create a great border that will make you proud.
  3. Limited space can sometimes be a problem. A gutter garden may be the answer. Just cutting an old gutter into sections and using heavy jute twine or parachute cord to hang them in tiers on your patio will greatly increase your planting space. Paint them with your favorite colors and add flowers or vegetables to create a colorful garden that will continue to bloom throughout the summer. These easy to make planters make it simple to care for your plants and will give you years of joy.
  4. Creating your dry creek bed can be simple and fun. It is easy to find or buy river rock, and all that is needed is a spade and a few hours to create the ambiance of a trickling creek without the worries. Just dig a small ditch a few inches in depth and line with river rock. You might add a few larger stones to add character to your dry creek bed and sit back and enjoy the feeling of country living. You may want to go a step further and line your creek with rubber or plastic and add a small pump with some water to dip your toes into your real trickling stream.
  5. Another landscaping idea that is ideal for Ann Arbor MI during the summer is to use herbs in your landscape. There are many herbs that will not only add beauty to your landscape, but in addition, can repel bugs and aid in your culinary efforts. Citronella, Marigolds, Lavender, and Peppermint are just a few of the best herbs that will not only look beautiful but repel insects. There are also many other herbs to harvest for cooking while adding beauty and diversity to your landscape.

These and many other landscaping ideas will add value to your home. Many are easy and can be found by a simple search on the internet or by contacting your local landscaping artist who can assist you in creating your personalized landscaping masterpiece.

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