Contrary to what most may believe, lawn mowing isn’t as simple as cutting the grass in any old way. Things such as prep work, lawn mowing patters and a few other things are important to follow if one wants to keep their lawn looking in top-shape. One can easily find the right tools and accessories in the Ann Arbor Mi areas. Because Ann Arbor Mi has very few lawns, any lawn will really stand out, whether for the better or worse, so it’s imperative to avoid these five common mistakes.

1. Cutting Too Short
Many cut their lawn very short as a way to extend the time period between mowing lawns. Ideally, one should not cut off more than one-third of the grass blades. This allows the grass clippings to decompose much easier. Really long clippings add excessive stress to the grass, preventing it from growing heavily. Most of this is due to the long grass clippings blocking out sunlight. Short clippings, on the other hand, decompose quickly and provide sufficient nutrients to the grass, allowing it to grow big and bushy.

2. Using the Bag
Another very common mistake is using the bag as a way to catch the grass clippings. In reality, all they are doing is keeping their grass from receiving very beneficial mulch. Not only will keeping the bag off allow the grass to receive more nutrients, but it will save much more room in the trash can as well.

3. Mowing in the Wrong Pattern
Although there isn’t a specific pattern to follow while mowing, it’s important to avoid using the same pattern. Mowing in the same pattern, or direction, will cause the grass to lean toward one side, much like carpet in a room. This tilt of the grass seriously affects its growth in a negative way. Switching the pattern up will allow the grass to grow vertically. This in turn will allow the grass to receive more sunlight, while reducing stress levels at the same time.

4. Dull Mowing Blades
Even though a lawn mower may continue work for many years to come, the blades themselves become dull over time. This dull blade will rip grass out from its roots, doing more harm than good. However, a sharp blade will provide a clean cut to the grass without damaging the root system whatsoever. Depending on how big one’s lawn is, they should sharpen the blades every 10 or so cutting sessions.

5. Ignoring the Roots
The roots are one of the main things that keep grass alive, so paying attention to this area is vital as well. The most important thing is to provide the grass with a sufficient amount of nutrients. Before buying a fertilizer and applying it to the lawn, first give the soil a simple soil test. Many of these soil tests can easily be found in most gardening stores. From there, one can choose the appropriated type of fertilizer.

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