The leaves are beginning to glow with vibrant fall colors in Ann Arbor MI. Just as a tree’s leaves are preparing for the harshness of the winter weather, fall is the time to prepare a lawn to awaken in the spring strong and green. Lawn care does not end with mowing and watering. Lawn aeration is one of most misunderstood and ignored lawn care options that reaps the most benefits. It loosens the soil allowing essential water, nutrients, and oxygen to flow unimpeded deep down into the grass’s roots. These nutrients are essential for grass to build up reserves to survive the winter snowfall. Ann Arbor MI experienced its snowiest winter during the 2013-2014 winter season, with winters like this it’s crucial to give a lawn the help it needs to survive the harsh conditions of a Michigan winter. Having a lawn professionally aerated is a low cost high impact way to enhance the curb appeal of any home.

Lawn aeration

Benefits to Lawn Aeration:

1. Allows less restricted flow of oxygen to grass roots. Grass roots need adequate oxygen from the soil to develop strong and healthy roots.
2. Increases the water infiltration rate. Increased water absorption in the soil will sustain the grass roots during the harsh summer heat.
3. Breaks up excessive thatch (the dead layer of debris just below the surface of a lawn). Even though thatch can insulate against extreme temperatures, excessive thatch is the perfect breeding ground for destructive lawn insects and disease.
4. Improved nutrient absorption. A well fed lawn will remain lush and green throughout the summer months.
5. Shorter rebound time. A loose lawn soil will enable a lawn to recover much faster to a strong healthy state after it has been disturbed from heavy foot traffic.

All lawns can benefit from a minimum of a yearly aeration with a lawn aerator. To reap the maximum benefits from a professional lawn aeration, it should be completed in the spring and in the fall. In the spring the soil is already loose from the winter freezes, an aeration application will create favorable soil conditions to maximize a lawn’s health. In the fall the soil is more compact from the summer heat, aeration will loosen the soil and allow the grass roots to absorb the needed nutrients to survive the harsh winter.

Aeration should be a normal part of lawn care along with fertilizing, weeding, pest control, watering, and mowing. Even though some homeowners choose to purchase a lawn aerator and attempt to complete the aeration themselves, landscape professionals provide more than just the aeration service. They can analyze the soil and level of health of the grass and provide recommendations on the specific needs of the lawn. Every lawn is different and their needs vary, only a lawn professional can provide a complete tailor made plan to meet the needs of each lawn. Following a lawn care plan will assist a homeowner in not only developing a lush green lawn, but maintaining it so it becomes the envy of the neighborhood.

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