There are many ways to improve the appearance, safety, and functionality of a property’s exterior and outdoor surroundings. One aspect of landscaping that covers all of these areas is outdoor lighting. Find the perfect lighting solution to cover all of these needs for your home by completing a landscape project with a qualified professional landscaper in Ann Arbor MI.


Hire a Professional

A quality landscaper will have an extensive knowledge of outdoor lighting and the various applications in which they can be applied. They will be able to formulate a design and a plan that covers the major concerns of lighting needs. Call upon the highly qualified, imaginative, and friendly experts for all of your lighting needs in Michigan.

A great landscaping company will offer their clients a consultation on the services that they have to offer. The company will be bonded, insured, and licensed within the parameters of the applicable laws and regulations. Offering clients a full-service guarantee and emergency services are perfect indicators of a quality landscaping company. A quality team of landscape artists will be able to transform a landscape into a night-time wonder with proper planning and placement of exterior lighting.

Draw Up a Plan

It is important to be able to visualize the topography and overall area when formulating a plan for lighting. Down lighting may be needed in areas that are farther away from a dwelling. Bullet lighting and wash lighting elements may be desired to achieve a light accent lighting element to the exterior of a property. Floodlighting is an option for areas that are vast and remote. Taking into account all aspects of security and safety around the property, a great plan will result in the most extraordinary landscape of form, function, and security.

Night-Time Aesthetics

Installing the proper lighting for a landscape involves choosing the correct type of lighting for each individual situation. For areas with large entryways and front lawns, the use of perimeter motion lighting may be an option. Landscapes that contain large trees are highlighted by the uplighting that is used to display these beauties of Dendrology. Installing night-time lighting adds beneficial elements to a property such as:

  • Security from trespassers and thieves
  • Safety for navigation in the dark
  • Resale value is higher
  • The convenience of no flashlights or light switches
  • Offers stunning element to the landscape


When the cost of installation is an issue it is important to focus on the aspects of the lighting that are primarily a safety or security function. Additional elements for aesthetics such as garden lighting and optional patio or deck lighting can be added in the future when the opportunity arises. Many professional installers are willing to work with their clients to create a solution that is fitting for each individual situation. Regardless of the amount of lighting that is utilized, it will begin to save the owner money instantly. Low-cost usage units and added security begin to save money the moment the “on” switch is flipped in Ann Arbor MI.

There are many considerations to finding the right outdoor lighting solution for your home. Great lighted landscapes begin with a qualified team of professionals to design, plan, and deliver the most beautiful and functional night-time yard displays in Ann Arbor MI.

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