Situated around Lake Huron is the beautiful and industrious city of Ann Arbor Michigan. The landscape consists of valleys and some hills with lush green grass and beautiful oak trees. Fruit trees are plentiful in this lush growing region. Landscapers take pride in the beautiful yards and road fronts they produce. The climate lends its way to beautiful lush green lawns, full and colorful trees, multitude of beautiful flowers and in the fall colorful fall foliage. Driving around Ann Arbor MI one will see farmers markets, golf courses, university campuses, and creative urban sprawl.

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Landscaping offered:

*Grass care is one of the most requested services. Cutting grass, edging yards, and weeding come as part of the whole landscaping package. Cutting grass is not just the act of pushing a lawn mower. Training is important because each job may demand a different level of cutting

1. Rural yard landscaping: someone with grass in their yard may want their grass cut short. This is usually to save money on yard maintenance.
2. Businesses may choose to cut their grass in patterns or directions that the mower makes streaks in the same direction. Weed eating and grass cutting may part of the program for them.
3. Golf courses may choose to have their grass cut short enough that it does not affect a golf ball rolling towards the hole in one. If their grass is too tall it may cause patrons to be discouraged and unable to play. This can also cause the golf course to lose money so landscaping is important for golf courses.

Trees and Gardens:

Contractors in Ann Arbor MI landscaping understand the climate and are able to care for their masterpieces. Trees and shrubs must be appropriate for a really hot summer and freezing snowy winter. These contractors will work closely with their clients to set up the perfect landscape before selecting the perfect greenery to be planted.

Seating and Outdoor Barbecues:

Landscapers and contractors are experienced in planning out a landscape, including seating areas and arbors. They are also able to produce a blueprint for homeowners or businesses to see what a BBQ area can look like when surrounded by nature. Some landscapes include natural made chairs and table constructions. These tables and chairs are cut from wood or stone to fit perfectly in the natural landscape that the engineer is producing.

BBQ and outdoor ovens can be included in the total cost of overall landscaping a yard. When figuring out a budget for your next landscape adventure, make sure to include one or more cooking areas. Long warm nights with friends and food cooked outside make for a wonderful summer evening.


Most of the people working for the Ann Arbor landscaping company understand how important the perfect lighting is to any landscape. Lighting can transform a dull yard into something that draws the eye. Placing lights in a yard or around a business are easy when the landscape technician knows how to do the job.

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