February 3, 2015

Although we often think of landscaping services as being a seasonal concern, winter landscaping can be just as important as other times of the year for maintaining your lawn and landscape. If you aren’t already retained professional care for your property, you may want to consider doing so for landscape services like the following:

Yard Leveling

If the soil is not draining properly or needs to be leveled for easier mowing, this may be the time to have it done. Grading uneven areas for aesthetic design purposes or in preparation for spring planting is another potential task.

Clearing Debris

Winter services typically include a thorough clearing of debris, including fallen tree boughs and twigs, accumulated dead leaves, and overgrown weeded areas. Getting the lawn ready now will make mowing in the growing season faster and easier.

Tree and shrub trimming

While you don’t want a landscaper in Ann Arbor Michigan to be too aggressive with fall trimming for fear of killing the greenery, it is possible to trim up some of the overhanging tree limbs and dead wood as well as remove unwanted plants like poison ivy or poison oak, ragweed, and other problems. If a shrub or flowering bush has clearly died, removing it now will clear the space for a new shrub during spring planting.

Hedge Furrows

Another type of winter services some landscapers offer is to put in hedge furrows to hold in the mulch that was replaced in late summer or early fall, if that has not yet been done or if it needs to be redone. Existing furrows can be cleaned of dead leaves and retrenched if necessary.

Landscape Planning & Design

In addition to hands-on yard work, Ann Arbor Michigan landscaping companies will work with homeowners to design a landscape plan for spring implementation. If there is an existing landscape design, it can be updated or reinforced if needed. Patio designs, walkways, gardens, pools, and flower beds are just a few of the options that can be arranged artfully in a person’s yard or patio area. They can also assist with a landscape drainage consultation.

Here are a few more possibilities:

  • Window flower boxes
  • Outdoor hanging lanterns
  • Decorative fencing
  • Garage door and Window enhancements
  • Patio decor
  • Porch hanging Plants or potted plants
  • Poolside decor
  • Play areas for kids
  • Gardens – full-size or mini
  • Trim and borders
  • Accent gates
  • Bird baths, bird houses, and feeders

In addition to design plans, a lawn care and maintenance program can be scheduled. This may include lawn services like cutting the grass, trimming shrubs and walkway areas, weed control, and soil enhancement if needed. Planning ahead can save time later.

Winter landscaping services help to keep a property’s exterior attractive and functional year-round. Professional landscapers in Ann Arbor can help you keep up with demanding lawn care and manage the month-to-month needs of a well-kept property to maintain value and accent its seasonal beauty.