With the assistance of computer-assisted design (CAD), an Ann Arbor homeowner can have a better understanding of how his or her back- or front-yard ecosystem is functioning. The 3D landscape design allows the owner to see from both the insect or the bird’s-eye view. This assists all parties to develop answers to present and future problems.

Landscaping Fits the Environment

If you want your landscaping to fit in naturally with the local Ann Arbor environment, then you need to accumulate as much information as possible about your yard. Simply walking the property is no longer enough when the possibility of 3D landscape design is available. When you create a more complex layout of your yard, you increase your capacity to create the perfect environment.

As more property owners are selecting green, eco-friendly designs, they are realizing the importance of visualizing the entire environmental scene first. A 3D landscape design allows you to view the entire location from different angles. Simply rotate or toggle up or down to lower or heighten your perspective. The possibilities are endless.

Share Your Garden Ideas on Social Media

Social Media allows you to connect with like-minded individuals instantly. Join a chat room full of gardeners; over time you will find others who share the same views as you. Or you can search by region. Who has the same climate as you? What has worked for their landscaping? What problems have they experienced?

When you have a 3D landscape design, you can share it online. Rather than requiring a physical visit by one of your Web-surfing friends, the design is easy-to-see for all. Then novices or experts can give you advice. Save time and energy with three-dimensional landscape design. The added benefits of 3D landscape design include the following:

  • Soil underneath
  • Compare water features
  • Growth of plants
  • Different angles
  • Animals perspective
  • Birds-eye view
  • Anticipate possible problems
  • Save time

Think about the advantages of including the composition of your soil in your three-dimensional landscape design. Clay, sandy, loam, rocky or a mixture will determine what you can grow and the water drainage. How deep is your soil? Many newer developments use a top layer of sand because it is the easiest to move. Will deeper tree roots hit rocks or some soil that is not advantageous to their growth?

Create a Social Media Buzz with 3D

The World Wide Web is about creating interest and getting people to pay attention. With so many 3D maps out there, a 2D landscape plan is a bit boring. You will attract the most attention with your 3D design.

If you are considering new Ann Arbor based landscapers, just send them the design models. This will allow them to be more creative in offering the best plants, flowers and hardscape options. They can visualize your layout to anticipate any potential problems. 3D landscape design helps modern homeowners in Ann Arbor and elsewhere visualize all the diverse angles of their land.