One essential consideration in establishing the quality and curb-appeal of prime residential real estate in Ann Arbor Michigan can be summed up with a question “does it show the hand of a capable landscaping designer?” Let’s face it, there can be two properties, side-by-side with similar houses, yet one will easily outshine the other if it has the landscaping that shows the hand of an outstanding landscaping designer while the other house’s landscaping is ordinary.

Professional landscaping design combines the analysis and understanding of the terrain and structure of your land with knowledge of what plants can flourish in your locale, climate, and soil conditions. These items of information are combined with knowledge of landscaping style and beauty, and your input on your specific tastes and preferences. Thus the landscaping design process produces a complete, integrated landscape that is beautiful when seen as a whole, or when seen from the daily points-of-view of those who live-on, tour, or otherwise just enjoy the property.

New housing often has the mass produced effect, as the developers often hire-out landscaping design that is really intended to highlight the housing development rather than your specific house. As time passes the landscaping that was done for older developments becomes outdated, as some essential plants die, and others are added, perhaps without consideration to an overall plan. Landscaping details can decay while frost-heaving, weather effects and the other natural changes (you typically find in Ann Arbor Michigan) take their toll. Over time styles change, and landscaping can detract from a home’s beauty if the landscaping becomes stylistically obsolete, decayed, or if it is out-of-step with changes to its surroundings. In order for your real property to achieve the complete package of beauty and prestige that you and it deserve, the individualized design of a professional landscape designer is essential.

Skilled landscaping design requires a long list of skills, and that is most evident when you consider the need to maintain a beautiful setting for your home in all seasons (and in Ann Arbor Michigan we truly see all four seasons). While each season brings its own challenges, you, and your family and friends deserve to enjoy your home’s beauty, regardless of the season.

In addition to maintaining the beauty of your home across all seasons, the landscaping designer can design-in features that help your landscape withstand the damaging effects of time. For example, professional landscaping will retain its beauty and integrity over time by allowing for the natural growth of trees, shrubs, and other plants, and for the predictable effects of wind, rain, and freezing. A professional landscaping designer can help control the costs of maintaining your landscape by including features, forms and plant selections that are less expensive to maintain in the climate and conditions specific to Ann Arbor Michigan, and the specific condition of your land. Many homeowners know the value and importance of their home’s setting, and landscape design is an essential enhancement to your home’s setting.