You can use walls to divide your garden into different sections. Walls like these are created many different ways. Some make these walls from wood, while other people choose to make the walls from stones, bricks or concrete, and more (we will discuss this more in-depth below). Any of these materials go well in the garden walls in Saline, Michigan.

Types of Walls for the Garden Areas of Your Property

There are four main types of walls for your garden and they are the following:

• Wood walls
• Stone or rock walls
• Brick walls
• Concrete walls
• Grow walls

Wood walls are rustic looking and add charm to any area they are in on your property. Timbers for these walls go through a special process to treat them to make them hold up in the weather in some cases. Some of these timbers could also be in cedar or cypress both of which are naturally weather resistant.

Stone and rock walls are another type of garden walls in Saline, Michigan. A professional will arrange stones or rocks according the plans you two agree upon placing mortar in between to hold the stones or rocks in place. Numerous configurations are possible in this rustic style of wall.

Brick walls are similar to stone or rock walls with the same type of installation process. However, this type of wall looks more formal that the other ones do. If you have a brick house, you may want to consider this type of wall for your garden.

Concrete walls provide a modern look to any garden. The installers use concrete mix or concrete blocks to form these walls. Different patterns are easy to create with this form of wall.

Grow walls are unique in that you plant various thing into the walls. The entire wall winds up being green and/or blooming during your growing season. Professionals use various materials from plastic to wood to construct these walls for you.

Benefits of Walls in Your Garden

There are a number of benefits to having any of these walls in your garden. Check out some of them below:

1. Use these walls to make raised beds. This allows you to garden without bending over as far as in a traditional garden.

2. Walls keep soil from eroding on hills. This is important if your yard is not completely flat.

3. You can make interesting shapes and sizes of planting beds throughout your property.

4. These walls could up your resell value on your house. This holds true for any effective landscaping measure.

5. The walls could also protect your plants from kids tromping over them since it the walls tend to elevate the plants.

Does all this information have you considering garden walls for your Saline, Michigan property? If it does, call a professional today to receive a quote on their services. Add unique touches to your garden with any of the above walls and see what a difference this will make in the appearance of your garden.