The outside of a home can be just as elegant, trendy or well designed as the rest of the house when the right design elements are utilized. There is one feature that captures the attention of everyone and truly adds a uniqueness to outdoor areas: a water feature. The use of a backyard water feature is one top choice for those seeking to bring a new look and feel to their deck, yard, patio or Ann Arbor home.

Ponds Of All Kinds
One of the top choices for a great backyard water feature is a pond. This can be a standing pond that is encased in a decorative container and houses water plants or even a couple fish. The other option is to have an in-ground pond that is lavish in design and style. There are ample options for those in-ground ponds as one can make them lily ponds and simply grow plants and flowers or make them Koi ponds that have flowing water and an array of colorful and stunning fish. The options for this type of backyard water feature can almost be endless as there are enhancements and additions that can be used to make ponds truly stand out. Some options and ideas include:

  • A fountain in the center of the pond to create height and add to the flowing feel and look of the pond
  • Using colored lights inside of the pond to make the pond water stand out and enhance the rest of the outdoor decor
  • Bridges over in-ground ponds can add elegance to ponds and make for a unique design
  • Freeform pond styles that twist and turn add a dramatic flair to ponds

One of the other popular options for those seeking to include a backyard water feature as a part of their Ann Arbor residence is a fountain. These also are ideal as they can come in various shapes and sizes which means there is a fountain to meet any style,design or personal preference. A free standing fountain in a garden can make the area look and feel upscale. A smaller, freestanding fountain can be placed on a patio to bring that soothing sound to the area where people tend to sit and relax while enjoying the outdoors. There are even fountains that attach to walls and are smaller in size, yet have a uniqueness about there placement and design that really gets the attention of everyone.

The various backyard water feature options out there  range from small fountains to large ponds and everything else in between. The key is to choose one that matches the rest of the outdoor area, is the right size in that it is neither too large nor too small and the backyard water feature should be one that is pleasing to look at for everyone. These additions to the outdoor areas of any Ann Arbor home just make the house all the more special and that makes them key in creating those perfect living conditions that everyone simply adores.