Business owners in Ann Arbor Michigan are using beautiful, functional outdoor lighting systems to attract customers and enhance their surroundings. Twin Oaks in Ann Arbor Michigan is ready to help you take your business to the next level with a durable and elegant outdoor lighting array. Create a specialized look for your business and provide important safety features with us. We’re the national outdoor lighting professionals.

Whether your business is looking for traditional or contemporary fixtures, we offer quality outdoor lighting services for your business. Your building’s beauty and safety are enhanced with durable lighting fixtures. Call us for a visit from a lighting expert, or talk with one of our satisfied customers. We have hundreds of happy customers in the area. We’ll show you plans and a reasonable estimate for the work. We offer warranties, maintenance plans and service contracts. For lighting systems that must be updated with seasonal changes, we offer service plans to keep everything working.

Design and Landscaping Experts Inform Our Process

We’re focused on being number one in customer satisfaction! Our technicians can offer design advice which make your outdoor spaces welcoming and safe. we are top-tier landscapers who will work with your builders to beautify patios, gardens or architectural elements like pools, fountains, entries, windows or cupolas. Our customers love the way Outdoor Lighting Perspectives works with any commercial building’s features to create a distinctive, elegant look.

Special Events Demand Special Lights

Use special lighting to announce an event! Are you having a grand opening or announcing a special sale? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can design the most eye-catching and elegant lighting display for your event. If you have specific themes or inspirations, we can work with your vision. Our design team can help create a lighting arrangement that fits with your brand, too.

Seasonal Displays

Welcome customers at different seasons with lighting designs. In Ann Arbor Michigan, we have gorgeous seasons and fantastic cultural traditions. Celebrate these at your business with Twin Oaks. Imagine a walkway lit with warm white lights for the holiday season, or a patio strung with bright colors for a graduation party in summer twilight! Special outdoor lighting is a simple, festive and cost-effective way to create warmth and ambience for your clients. Our professionals can assemble, troubleshoot and take down your special event outdoor lighting fixtures. We execute your vision in lights.

Security Features with Your Business in Mind

Building and grounds safety are enhanced by professional lighting systems. We go beyond timers and floodlights to ensure that your staff and customers are in the safest, most pleasant environment. We can provide the high intensity lights for navigating doorways and parking lots. If your business is in need of professional, reliable security lighting that looks good, too, call us.

Twin Oaks  in Ann Arbor Michigan is the area’s most reliable, expert choice for all your commercial lighting needs. Talk with one of our professionals and see your vision come to life with lighting.