Landscape lighting is fast becoming one of the most popular additions to the outdoor spaces of both homes and businesses around the US in the early 21st century. The choice of different lighting options has been increased by the technological improvements made to low voltage lighting, which uses only a small amount of the power used for lighting high voltage lighting systems within a home or business. There are a number of benefits to looking into Ann arbor Michigan outdoor lighting, which include:

  • Security
  • Enhancing Architectural Detail
  • Lighting recreational areas

1. Security is a major concern for both residential and commercial property owners, who are often fearful of their premises being broken in to and becoming the victims of crime. Landscape lighting in Ann Arbor Michigan can illuminate darker areas of the exterior of a property and eliminate the areas where a criminal could lurk in the shadows. Illuminating these areas can be important in making residents, workers and customers feel more comfortable as they arrive and exit a property at any time of the day or night.

2. The natural beauty of the outdoor spaces of a property are often invisible during the darker hours of the night as they lie in darker regions of the exterior of a property. Whether it is the facade of a beautifully designed building or an outdoor water feature, the use of landscape lighting can be a good way of enhancing the architectural beauty of a property. For both commercial and residential owners the use of water features, such as fountains, small streams and ponds in an outdoor space can be expensive to install. These expensively built features should not be left hidden in the night and enjoyed throughout the year with Ann Arbor Michigan outdoor lighting.

3. The popularity of outdoor living spaces has seen many home and business owners in Ann Arbor Michigan invest in large decks and outdoor seating areas. One of the many issues property owners face when installing outdoor living spaces and equipment is how to light these areas so they can be used when the nights are dark and outdoor entertainment is wanted. Recreational areas, party patios and decks can all be lit using outdoor lighting techniques that not only make them attractive to view, but also make them safe for use and protect against lawsuits for tripping incidents.

4. In the past, many property owners failed to install landscape lighting in Ann Arbor Michigan as the potential costs of powering the lighting equipment was always daunting. Low voltage lighting has now reduced the overall cost of outdoor lighting to around one third of the cost of previously used high voltage outdoor lighting.

Overall, the use of landscape lighting can assist a homeowner or business property owner in ensuring their property is safe and secure at all times of the day and night. By creating landscaped effects using professional lighting experts the beauty of a property can be increased and the enjoyment of outdoor spaces also increased.