August 7, 2014

Young Girls Working In Vegetable GardenA current trend in lContainer Gardenandscaping is to use plant material that provides a purpose rather than just aesthetics.  Many people are starting to garden and use edible plant material.  These plants don’t have to be in a square plot of dirt out back.  You can incorporate edible plants into your landscape beds.

Edible plants can range from herbs to vegetables or even fruit trees.  Herbs are the easiest place to start, because they take the least care, and many of them are perennial and do not have to be planted every year.

Vegetable gardening can be more time consuming, but is worth the effort when you can have a freshly picked tomato right from your own landscape!  Find a sunny bare spot and stick a tomato in, or consider container gardening if you don’t have room in your beds.  Some vegetables take up a lot of room, so thorough planning should be done when planting in your beds.

Fruit trees can be rewarding, but come with a lot of work.  Trees usually need to be sprayed and pruned regularly to bear good fruit.

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