October 31, 2017

An attractive properly maintained exterior landscape may beautify a home, enhance curb appeal and ensure that residential properties are able to better retain their market value. When it comes to finding solutions for dealing with runoff, soggy lawns and poor drainage that will not place a necessary strain on the natural environment, Ann Arbor homeowners may have a wider range of options and solutions than they might have imagined. Professional landscaping services make it easier to deal with excess water and lawns that drain poorly.

Superior Plant and Materials Selection

patio with pergola

Selecting the right foliage and materials during a landscaping project may allow homeowners to avoid or resolve any number of issues, such as soil erosion, standing water following a storm or excessive runoff which may cause harm to landscaped areas. Bushes, shrubs and other plants that are known for having a strong root system can provide effective protection from soil erosion while plants that require a great deal of moisture offer an environmentally-friendly way to reduce soil saturation. Mulched borders, tiered landscaping and even natural stone or other hardscape materials can be used to ensure that runoff is channeled to greater effect.

Hardscaping to Minimize Soil Erosion

Plant selection and landscape layout alone may not always be sufficient for ensuring outdoor areas are able to drain without issue. Stone walkways, concrete boundaries and other hardscaping installations are often the most effective solution for minimizing soil loss or ensuring that lawn and soil saturation do not become an issue. The right hardscape installations can often make a substantial difference, especially in situations where other efforts to ensure water runoff is able to be controlled may not be viable.

Balancing Irrigation and Drainage

Making sure that landscaped areas are able to better utilize rainwater can significantly reduce the need to water lawns and irrigate landscaping. Landscaping additions like swales that are carefully graded to direct runoff, French drains that allow for even water dispersal or even a planned bog area that can turn soggy spots of a lawn into an area that showcases a variety of unique plants and foliage may greatly reduce the time, effort and expense needed to irrigate. Choosing the right plants and working with foliage native to the Michigan area offers a simple and effective way to balance water and moisture levels without having to worry about the impact that landscaping may be having on the surrounding environment.


Professional Landscaping Services and Solutions

Even a modest landscaping upgrade can pose quite the challenge for those who lack the right tools, resources, and know-how. Working alongside Ann Arbors landscaping experts makes it far easier to address runoff problems, eliminate concerns regarding erosion and soil loss as well as ensuring that a wider range of landscaping designs and solutions can be made available. Professional landscaping solutions are a valuable resource, one that makes it far easier to address a variety of issues and ensure that homes and residential properties are able to benefit from an exterior environment that will be more attractive as well as easier to maintain.