How irrigating can help conserve water:
Having an irrigation system installed in your yard can be a step toward becoming more green. An irrigation system will help to manage the flow of water to a landscaped yard. one of the most important things to take into consideration while you are planning the layout of your Ann Arbor yard this spring is your soil type. The soil in most of Ann Arbor is a clay soil. Clay soil has some distinct characteristics that make it irrigation friendly.Because clay soil has a small pore space it holds water and nutrients longer, thereby taking less water to cover more lawn area.

We are living in a time when water is a valuable commodity for many communities throughout the country, it is important that all communities take care to conserve as many of the worlds natural resources as possible. As an Ann Arbor resident you help your community become more green with an irrigation system, even while enjoying the beauty of spring. And even though the soil type may vary in some parts of your yard, irrigation drip zones can be installed to make sure every soil type is being addressed. Irrigation Ann Arbor is effective because of the clay soil that is present in most yards.

What does snow do for the grass?
During the winter the clay soil benefits from being underneath the snow because it insulates the soil and releases moisture and nitrogen slowly, which helps the roots to keep growing and the soil microbes can continue to do what they do in preparation for spring. Professional irrigation specialists in Ann Arbor make it their mission to education homeowners about irrigation products, including easy to use controllers, sensors, and various nozzle options for clay soil. Although designing an irrigation system is not an exact science, it comes very close with the use of zones and smart controllers. Smart controllers are electronic controllers that can be equipped with sensors and programmed to turn sprinklers on or off depending upon a rain sensor or soil moisture sensor.

Zones are important for irrigation systems to work effectively, because most yards are too large or already divided into particular areas for one valve to properly irrigate the whole area. In a zone there is one valve that may be attached to different connectors or pipes that are fitted with sprinklers or drippers to supply the water to the soil. It is the valve that is opened or closed by the controller.

Maintenance of your irrigation system:
If you already have an irrigation system in your Ann Arbor yard, then all you need to do in order to continue your green footprint is to have your system checked annually. During the spring or early summer call to schedule an appointment with an irrigation specialist to come out and check to make sure your sprinklers are working properly, that there are no leaks or cracks in the hoses or pipes, that the valves are responding and to make sure that the controller is functioning efficiently.