July 29, 2015

It seems like only yesterday your lawn was healthy, beautiful and lush. However, after poor lawn care, there are dead spots, weeds, patchy bald areas, hard spots and it looks kind of pale and sickly. If this description sounds like your lawn in Ann Arbor MI, there’s a good chance you’re in need of serious lawn rejuvenation services. In most cases, rejuvenating your lawn is a simple case of learning about lawn care and what needs to be done to repair soil conditions for optimum growth.Couple Concerned About Lawn

Causes for a Failing Lawn

Poor Soil Conditions 

It’s highly likely that your soil is lacking in one or more important nutrients like lime and needs testing to see where improvements need to be made. Good lawn care includes soil testing every three years for pH and nutrient content.

Bad Drainage

When lawns begin to look bad, most people begin pouring on the water in the hopes of bringing their lawn back. However, this is often a huge mistake, when in fact the lawn may be suffering from poor drainage.
Poor drainage is often caused by ground ivy, moss and heavy clay soil. These types of conditions generally cause water to remain on the surface of the grass and never reach the vital root zones.drainage - does your yard look like this


Frequently, the biggest problems with some lawns is compaction. Walking, playing and driving vehicles over lawns can compact the soil so tightly that the grass no longer has any air space to breathe. The turf becomes terribly stressed and is more susceptible to common pests, diseases and weeds.

Rejuvenating Your Lawn

• One of the first things a rejuvenation service will do is test your soil looking for problems. They may recommend a variety of soil amendments and top dressings.

• Most lawn rejuvenation services will recommend dethatching (thinning and removing debris) when your lawn is overgrown. Heavily thatched lawns, prevent adequate water circulation, harbor insects and prevent healthy new grasses from growing.

• When rejuvenating your lawn, you should consider aerating the lawn. This process involves removing small amounts of soil mechanically known as grass plugs. Removing the plugs allows the grass to receive water directly to the roots and badly needed oxygen. Aerating the lawn also removes compaction issues.

• Lastly, a good top dressing of compost is applied over the entire lawn to reduce lumps and stimulate grass growth.

Benefits of Rejuvenating Your LawnLawn aeration

1. Testing soil samples will pinpoint serious soil and nutrition problems, which can be treated to improve the health of the lawn.

2. Water, oxygen and nutrients will be able to reach the grass roots to promote growth after aeration.

3. Your lawn will be green and healthy. Dead spots, patchy areas and the pale green appearance will disappear.

4. Reconditioning the soil with compost and amendments will improve the general health of the lawn.

If your lawn is suffering from poor lawn care, compacted soil, thatched turf, poor drainage or unknown causes, it may be time to call for professional lawn rejuvenation services in Ann Arbor MI.

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