March 8, 2016

Replacing The Old Sump Pump In A BasementThe purpose of a sump pump in an Ann Arbor MI home is to capture the water that is in or around the home’s foundation and to carry it away from the home through a pipe system. It prevents basement flooding and other related issues associated with water in the lowest level of the home, including water damage and mold growth. The unfortunate reality is that sump pumps often fail during the winter months and require sump pump repair, and freezing weather conditions are to blame for this. With a closer look at why this is, you may be able to determine what action is needed to help you overcome this common problem.

Why Sump Pumps Commonly Fail in the Winter
The sump pump is connected to a drain pipe that carries water from around the foundation away from the home. Ideally, this drain pipe will carry water at least ten feet or more away from the base of the home, and this pipe is often exposed to the elements. The water in the pipe often moves at a trickle, and this means that it can easily develop an accumulation of ice that ultimately will block the flow of water from the home. When the pipe is fully closed off with ice, the water cannot drain out of the system and away from the home. Instead, it goes backward into the home to create a flooding issue.

What You Can Do About This Problem
If you are worried about the need for sump pump repair in your home this winter, you are not alone. This can be a costly issue to deal with, and you may understandably not want to contend with it in your Ann Arbor MI home. There are a few steps that you can take to minimize this issue from becoming problematic. First, you can bury or insulate the sump pump drain pipe. When you bury it, the ground acts as a natural insulating feature. Installing vegetation around it can also further insulate it. Insulation can minimize the chance that the water will freeze in the pipes.

When You Need Repair Work Completed
During the winter months when temperatures in Ann Arbor MI are very cold, it is important to be vigilant to the condition of your sump pump and to contact a professional for sump pump repair when needed. There are different steps that can be taken to remove the ice from the system so that it continues to operate as desired for you. Prevention is often the best step to take, but repair work is also an option.

Flooding is a concern in all local Ann Arbor homes that have a basement, and a sump pump is a great device that can minimize the risk of a flood. However, these devices are not infallible, and freezing weather is just one of the factors that can cause a problem for you. Contact your landscaping company for more information about how to proceed with your sump pump.

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