Are you considering how a softscape designer can improve your home’s curb appeal? Maybe you would like to boost your home value or just desire a change. After all, Ann Arbor Michigan is known as “Tree Town”, so it seems that beautiful gardens are in its blood — why shouldn’t yours be one of them?

Benefits of Softscaping

One of the great benefits of softscaping is that it is not permanent. With a good designer, you can transform your property with a beautiful combination of plants, shrubs, flowers, vines, trees and more. Here are some other ways softscaping can benefit your landscape:

If you live in a newly built home in Ann Arbor Michigan, you may lack mature trees, softscape plantings can rectify houses that appear bleak due to a lack of forestation.

If you have vast expanses of exposed siding, trees and shrubs can help break up its drab appearance and add some excitement to the appearance of the property.

With the help of an Ann Arbor Michigan Softscape Designer, well-placed plants and trees can help provide heating and cooling as they mature.

Porches and outdoor spaces can also be shaded by adding plants and trees in your yard.

Best Ways to Softscape

Lawn coverings are one of the fastest ways to improve the appearance of your yard, adding uniformity and texture to the somewhat chaotic appearance of dirt and weeds. Lawns are also good for the soil and adding additional plants create focal points and direct the eye to specific features of the design.

Perennials add color and contrast to a landscape — an added bonus, they also smell fantastic. Aromatic shrubs can also define outdoor spaces such as a garden or a flower bed and can also help maintain privacy.

In Ann Arbor Michigan, trees are in abundance, but sometimes they are not well placed. Adding shade trees to shade your house or to shade outdoor spaces is a great way to lower high heating or cooling costs. This not only makes your yard look fantastic, it also boosts your home value.

It is important to find the right softscape designer and the right design for your specific property. You should ask yourself what types of flowers and shrubs are your favorite and begin to check out other properties that you like. It is also important to choose flowers and plants that grow well in your area. Ann Arbor is blessed with beautiful weather in the summer and spring, allowing numerous varietals to thrive in the area.

Defining Your Vision

Using a site such as Pinterest can also help you define your vision. You can create a pin board and find flowers and plants and garden and landscaping designs that you love and pin them to a board dedicated to the planning of your garden space. You can share the board with your softscape designer. This way, both of you can truly understand the vision for your property.

Stay On Budget!

Creating a budget is also a good idea. Once you have a beautiful design that is the pride of all of Ann Arbor, you will want to be able to afford to keep it up. Make sure to ask your softscape designer about the cost of upkeep. Sometimes softscape designs can be created to help save money as well. Many people in drought-ridden areas such as Los Angeles use softscaping that uses less water but still maintains the integral beauty of the property. Designs like this are possible anywhere.