If you need a dependable landscaper who can improve your lawn today, contact any reputable landscaping company in Ann Arbor MI. A local expert will enhance your property by implementing various procedures in various locations.Landscapers Ann Arbor

Strategic Design Procedures

A lawn care specialist never clutters a yard with dozens of plants. To increase curb appeal, a landscaping specialist always places colorful plants in key area so that the patterns can complement a home. If your house is located in a warm climate, a lawn care technician will only use plants that can tolerate the local weather conditions. If your property has suitable plants, the landscape will remain beautiful throughout the year.

Planting Trees

Properties that have trees sell at a higher price because trees make homes cooler on hot summer days. Also, if a house has minor flaws, a strategically placed tree can hide the blemishes. Landscaping companies in Ann Arbor, Michigan usually plant trees that grow 12 inches each year.

Mowing the Yard

Many homeowners cut their grass too low. According to Ann Arbor landscape designers, grass on a property should be about three inches tall. If the blades are shorter, weeds will grow in many locations. Short grass also produces less chlorophyll. Without this component, the grass will lack energy. By cutting your lawn correctly, your property will never have:

  • Bare Spots
  • Brown Areas
  • Major Infestations

Regular Pruning and Edging

If your plants and shrubs are not pruned properly, the entire landscape design will suffer. Correct pruning gives you better blooms; in some cases, regular pruning may also rejuvenate wilted shrubs. To achieve the best results, your Ann Arbor landscape specialist must prune your plants and scrubs before springs arrives.

Edging is an important task that should be done in the spring. It enhances curb appeal because the equipment creates a line between the yard and the landscaping. Edging also keeps grass out of your flower bed.


When mulch is placed around a property, plants remain healthy for a longer length of time. Mulch prevents weed growth and manages moisture absorption, so the plants will not wilt. After each rainstorm, the mulch will hold moisture and will release it slowly over time.

The product blocks weeds by covering them and weighing them down. Landscapers usually apply mulch in the fall and spring. However, you should request your Ann Arbor landscaping company uses much that will help your spring plants go and not inhibit their growth.

Compost Pile

Your Ann Arbor landscaper will blend materials with leaves, mulch, and grass clippings to regenerate lawns. When the materials age, they produce nutrient-rich components that help the soil hold moisture. Over time, the compost will keep the plants healthy by repelling harmful insects.

Weed Maintenance

The best Ann Arbor Landscape company removes weeds with synthetic herbicide products. The sprays are always used carefully because they can affect runoff that travels to waterways.

To improve your landscape today, contact a professional Ann Arbor landscaping company that serves locals in Ann Arbor MI.

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