Today, there are many homeowners in Ann Arbor who are choosing to construct outdoor living spaces. They may already have a well-constructed deck or a patio space but prefer to have a more elaborate setup. Fortunately, there are many benefits to hiring a deck design company to design, construct, and maintain a home’s outdoor living space. However, many homeowners are overwhelmed by their various design options.

Traditional Deck With Options

Most older Ann Arbor homes have an existing deck. These decks may be made of standard wood decking boards and posts and appear to be constructed well. Although they suit a purpose, many Ann Arbor homeowners will want a more appealing design that incorporates a few upgrades. A deck design company can work within the homeowner’s budget to create a traditional deck that features desirable elements. These upgrades could be decorative features such as wooden planters, solar lighting built within the steps, or wrought iron posts. Of course, these upgrades will increase the overall price of construction but they add value in tremendous ways.

Covered Deck or Porch with Shelter

Today, more and more Ann Arbor homeowners are working with a deck design company to create a wood or composite deck that incorporates a shelter. One of the most popular options for homes is a large deck with one portion covered. This will allow homeowners to have a sheltered space outdoors for dining and relaxing but an uncovered area for grilling and receiving sunlight. A deck with a sheltered portion is the best of both worlds for some homeowners.

Screened Porch with Deck

In certain areas of the world homes are constructed with a screened porch and deck. This is a desirable feature that is valuable to potential buyers. Ann Arbor homeowners can hire a deck design company to construct an entirely new outdoor space featuring a screened porch area with an attached deck. The screened porch will offer owners and their guests a place to be outdoors without dealing with the bothersome outdoor elements or surprise weather situations. They will have both a partially-enclosed space and an outdoor space for direct sunlight.

Deck and Patio

Homeowners can also choose a traditional deck with a brick or concrete patio option. This will allow homeowners to have outdoor living space at different elevations. The deck and the patio both offer sunlight and seating space that can be furnished and decorated in numerous ways. This is not the most common of options for homeowners but it is an affordable and functional one.

The purchase of a home is a large expense. Homeowners in Ann Arbor may spend months and months searching for the right home in their desired location and price range. However, most buyers will have to make compromises. Fortunately, a deck design company can help homeowners add the features they truly want in a home. The construction of an outdoor living space such as a deck, porch, or patio is a great investment for homeowners who want to add value and protect their investment.