July 26, 2013

We have had over 17 inches of precipitation from April 1st  to July 24th , 2013, which caused excessive soil movement.  Movement meaning anything that travels across the turf, such as; mowers, edging along curbs, aerators, garden tractors, vehicles of any sort and even walking.  Any of this movement cancause the crab grass barrier, which is applied during round 1 and round 2 of our lawn care maintenance program, to be broken and allows weed seeds to germinate.

Each season poses its issues but we have not experienced a breakthrough of this magnitude during a rainy season.  Unfortunately, if you have not already encountered crabgrass issues, you probably will.  Although we go above and beyond the industry standards with crabgrass prevention, crabgrass is growing excessively in weak or disturbed turf areas.

Please keep in mind, crabgrass is an annual and it will die with the first heavy frost, which should be in September or October.  If you feel you cannot tolerate this infiltration until then, contact us and we can apply a post-emergent treatment at an additional fee.